Wednesday, 1 April 2009

All fools day

So another month. April 2009. Another brilliant sunny day - it only rained two days last week - when Lee was here. Didn't do too much this morning, sorted some laundry 'comme d'habitude' - had a look at the garden, had lunch, updated stuff on this 'puter, went to a bourse d'echange at the Chateau St Mesmin with Kathy, Georges and Charlotte. Bless Charlotte, she took some of our business cards and spread them around to the others that were there. We picked up quite a few brochures for various 'touristicy' things. Kathy wanted to speak to various people regarding working in the tourism industry. She has made some contacts.....

Ian is looking to go back to the UK and work in 'Fire Security' again. He has been in contact with some people he knows and it looks as though it could work for him. At least he will be earning money - shed loads than out here!! He wants to get money to get his house finished. Like the rest of us he is p'd off with the time it is taking.

I started to clear some of the garden by the lane. It is so untidy since they put in the new fosse. Jeff doesn't seem to be interested in doing any of it. His answer to undesirable plants in 'weed kill'. I would prefer to get the whole plant and its roots out of the ground. Nettles are an absolute pain - there are far too many of them and as for the ivy, well - what can one say!!. I have a lot to do and will gradually get it cleared then re-seeded for grass. I want to get some more shrubs in but it might be a bit too late.. I just want it to look good as it has been a mess for far too long.

Have got lots of seedling shrubs that I need to put somewhere, also some willow cuttings including weeping willows, osiers and corkscrew willows.. I think a lot of the willows will end up in the meadow, just got to consider where to plant as this year we will have Dominic mow the hay when ready. I would love to see the meadow full of trees. Whether it will happen or not I don't know but it would be really lovely to see.

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