Sunday, 19 April 2009

Today it has been raining, all day, not very nice at all. I was intending to do some more in the garden but no... so I was doing things in the house instead. Not a lot mind you, a bit of laundry and sweeping and dusting then updating some family history and cooking and now this. Not a lot on the TV tonight (UK rubbish!)

Watched Britains Got Talent last night (2nd time! - could become a habit!) and saw a couple of good acts - one a music teacher playing the soprano saxophone - didn't know they did a soprano saxophone - he was excellent and the show finished with a 12 year old welsh lad (of mid eastern origins) who sang brilliantly - mind you he has been performing for 7 years. Turn out last weeks turn, Susan Boyle, has been having voice coaching lessons for years as well.... and she has had at least 35 million viewings on YouTube.

Was watching some mixed bathing this evening. Starlings, sparrows and a chaffinch sharing the same puddle... Looks like the wood pigeons are looking to nest in the Oak tree over the lane again this year. Will have to keep tabs on them.

Had a nice chat with big sis this evening. She was saying that she took Mum to Rochester Cathedral for a service commerating the Womens Land Army. Mum wanted to go and she wore her medal with pride. I think being given this new medal has given her a sense of achievement for what she did during the last war. Dad had his medals for his service and at long last she has been acknowledged for hers. Apparently there were quite a few ladies there with their families but I don't think that Mum was acquanted with any of them - she was probably the oldest!!

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