Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Last night I thought that Jeff and I would have a quiet evening.. How wrong can one be! The first night in months that it would be just us - a deux .... but no.........

Dear little Charlotte had trouble breathing, such pain in her chest.

So Kathy left Georges with us and off she went to the hospital.... She eventually returned at quarter past two in the morning. By then I was totally deflated, Georges has fed, slept, had nappy change, continued to sleep then had awoken.... Jeff was fine, just channel hopping to pass the night away (I just can't fathom why men do this?)

It seems that the cough that has been bothering Charlotte over the past couple of weeks has developed into pneumonia. Poor love, she had to have a chest x-ray, blood taken etc. The health professionals thought that it could be Legionnaires disease(?) or something transmitted by poultry. I favour the 2nd option.. Anyway, she is now on antibiotics and painkillers and no school for the next 3 weeks (Easter hols start next week!).

Strange how life pans out!

So today, went to Brico Depot at Cholet via the new route - so quick now - brilliant. Went to price up a kitchenette (cheaper than Castorama - and closer). Also priced up fence posts, metposts and volige - I have worked out that using volige and creating a 'ranch' style fence but enclosed both sides - would work out cheaper than buying panels ready made. At least I can tailor the height and width of the fencing. Not only that but substantial panels cost nearly 80 euros - sod that and they would be the wrong size!

Jeff spoke with Ian this afternoon - at long last fences are being mended. It only needed for him to say that he was out of order. Thank God we are on the road to recovery....

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