Sunday, 29 March 2009

Spring Forward

AM. Am on my own and it is quiet so I thought I would catch up now.

Clocks changed last night, 'spring forward' they say but I forgot to alter my clock.

I had clients wanted an early start but dear J woke me in time.

So there I was up with the Lark........ and the Blackbirds, Thrushes, Black Redstarts, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Sparrows, Chaffinches, Starlings etc.... It was glorious! Just the songs of birds from miles around at 7 am BST. There was a fine mist rising from the river, stunning. The Blackthorn bushes are in full bloom and were glowing earily white through the mist.

Ian and Lee left just before I got up to go fishing at a beautiful lake at Clesse. It is a huge chateau with accommodation in the grounds that has been created into an anglers paradise. Have been past it a few times - a lovely place. The lake is around 3 hectares - a good size.

My clients only stayed one night. Two sisters from the Vienne coming for a two day course at the Vannerie at St Marsault. Vannerie is basket making. Mr Lambert grows his own willow and makes some really beautiful baskets. The finished product is expensive to buy but the quality is exceptional. Maybe I will take a short course with him - one day.....

The last couple of days Lee has done a couple of jobs for us. He finished laying the patio that Jeff bravely started last October. A brilliant job well done, thanks Lee. He also put in a small wall for me in preparation for my 'petit jardin' outside the kitchen. Just got to put my plan on paper and mark out where I want the fence etc. Have thought it through thoroughly and have just got to convince Jeff that it will work..

'tis now evening, have had a day of clearing up, stripping beds, laundry, having lunch and then - suddenly feeling so tired - retired to my bed for a little sleep.

Francoise arrived today to Wwoof for us. She lives not too far from us, mother of two boys, divorced and lives in a tiny apartment. It is her 1st time for Wwoofing for us. She is lovely and has got on so well, helping Kathy plant potatoes in the 'potager' along with Charlotte (not the spuds!!). She may be back with us on weekends to help... Could become another amie francaise....

Have been reading about the Home Secretary and her husband.... Oh what joy!!! She has been taking the 'voters' money for her 2nd home and he has been watching porn on her expenses.....

The so called 'New Labour' are the most corrupt government the UK has ever had.... I read various English 'newspapers' online and see that so many people complain about what is happening but no-one does anything about it. I am sure it is possible to call for an election via ones own MP but it does not seem to be happening. I am so sorry that I have not kept up my ability to vote in the UK..... Yes I know I am in another country but it seems so wrong that the land that I knew and loved has been so politically violated and abused (stuffed and shagged by Blair and Brown - (Jeff's' words) over the past few years. I lose all hope and confindence in the UK for my children and grandchildren...

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