Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sunny Days

Today has been lovely, no clouds in the sky at all.... A bit scary really though... thoughts of global warming and all that...

My last entry was a few days ago. Have been in the garden clearing so many weeds and nettles and this is just in a small patch by the house!! The area has been upset by the work last year (new fosse septique and related pipework) and we just never got round to sorting it out. Too many other things on the go. Anyway, I am ploughing (figuratively) through this mess. It is tedious and nettle roots are an absolute bane!. But, I am getting to the root of the problem. Good for my health (peut etre) my joints (p e) my sanity etc.... Slowly but surely it is taking shape.. and my plan is coming together.

What have I done this week apart from gardening.... hmmm. Tried to make Jeff feel better in himself by setting him easy tasks.. easy therapy hopefully.. Got to be patient as he is not feeling so good. Takes a while for his system to get used to the medication. (just checked back on previous entries - didn't mention Jeff is now on SSRI's for the depression he is going through). We know it will take time and patience.

Coated the walls in the apartment with unibond prior to putting on the enduit. Just hope the end result is good. Have taken another booking for the apartment from an English couple, friends of Vicki. 1st booking is not until June but it will still be better to have it ready now rather then later. Will need to get Rachel to come and check it out for Clevacances - will be nice to get a key rating from them. Maybe next year get them to do the bookings for us....

We are also getting a few enquiries for the B&B, it has been a slow start this year and we have had no 'househunters' from the UK at all for the last 12 months... a definite downturn in this area.

Our Charlotte is doing well, she still has a cough that is very irritating for all of us. She is on a course of antibiotics and then another course. The final lab results arrived today and have confirmed that she has (had) pneumonia. There was no indication that it was caused by poultry/ducks or legionnaires disease (their 1st thoughts). She seems in fine fettle though in spite of it all...

Dear Siggi has been in hospital since 4th April, she has had tests and is permanently on oxygen. They have now told her that she still has fluid on her lung and the antibiotics have not cleared it and she only has 50% use of that lung. She has been shipped to Poitiers this afternoon to see a professor of pneumology (he has seen her before and knows her case). She has been getting really p'd off as things are happening so slowly. There is a possibility she has cancer but then they also mentioned other things as well..... It is a case of wait and see. She is glad she is here rather than the UK!!

Oh the UK - what a mess!! 'nuff said!

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