Monday, 26 January 2009

Ten days since my last entry, oh dear I am slacking!!

What has been happening - well, we have had the most awful weather. The wind has been driving me mad, I really hate the high winds, why did we move here??? Some of the departments further south to us have really suffered. Roofs have been torn off and in Spain such damage and those poor children that lost their lives when the roof of their sports hall collapsed. Mother Nature has a lot to answer to. At least it is calmer today and the sun is beginning to shine a bit more. The bulbs are putting their noses through the earth. Spring is on the way, I hope!

I see that in the UK they have at long last admitted that they are in a recession - What!!! didn't they realise before now... The Banks need to be bailed out - WHY??? Mr Flippin' Prudence Brown sold off the UK Gold reserves years ago as well as stealing the hard earned pensions - now wonder the UK is in such a financial state, and then HE has the cheek to say that he predicted the current problems 10 years ago... Who the 'fuck' does he think he is kidding..... makes me sick. He is a true Scot bringing England down by stealth..... The whole government seem to be a conspiracy against the English - William Wallace started all this all those years ago and then when you get down to it Wallace was an Irishman!!!! Boo sucks!!!

I am so glad I am here in France, Petit Nicolas has sacked Rachida as she is apparently not doing the job properly - he apparently is also getting lessons on improving his stamina for 'amour'. I would rather read about French politics than English any day...

Am intrigued about Barak Obama, he is such a new broom, will his sweeping make a difference to the 'dust' in the world. He has made some promises, Guantanamo - what will happen to the inmates there? Will they be tried in the US, UK or where-ever or will they be released to go about their lives, if they have a life now. Oil independance; how will that work, will they reduce the consumption of oil based fuels in the US? Hmmm - needs a lot of thought that one. There is plenty of alternative energy out there.

Our local car factory has been helped through some troubled times by the Indian company Argentum Motors. They have saved many jobs. Heuliez has been in Cerizay for a very long time and has employed so many local people. The latest for them is to make doors and windows for Eurocopter. It is a reprieve for a long running company. They are leaders in electric cars and buses and for the factory to close (there is another one at Rorthais) would be a devastating blow to the local economy. Our neighbour Gilles is an electrician at the factory and is only on 2 days a week at the moment. He has been on 3 days for the last 18 months, at least he still has a job. Bless him, he has a plan for if and when!!

Our dear, sweet Georges, now 9 months old, is suffering with teeth, his two first bottom teeth are through and look fantastic but the first of the upper canines is sitting there looking angry and giving him some pain. Most of the time Georges is such a happy little boy, laughing at so many things through the day. As soon as he sees Sunny or Pixie he says "cat". He has his priorities...... what are Mum and Dad to a fluffy cat???

Charlotte is doing well at school. M. Clement is very pleased with her progress and her performance in class is excellent - providing he is watching everything she is doing - but as soon as he takes his eyes off her -everything goes to pot!!! We all know that she is very intelligent and she has the ability but she needs constant attention - she can so easily be distracted...

Ian is cracking on with getting his house sorted. He has also been contacted with a job offer at Moncoutant. We will see on that one!!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Today is young Toms 11th birthday. So hard to believe that he is getting so grown up. Will be seeing him at the end of the month. I still remember the day he was born. Early in the morning and I had to go in late to work. I still remember him so small and vulnerable, his mum looking so proud of her achievement. Shame there was no father there to share the joy, I still wonder who he is in spite of his mother giving one name - who can tell???

How am I today? not too bad, did a little gardening yesterday it was so nice outside. Pruned some fruit trees and helped J with moving the raspberries. We're relocating all the soft fruit and putting it all under a large cage to protect from the birds. Well, that is the plan, whether it comes to fruition or not I don't know. I have loads of plans for the garden. We have a spare bit of land outside our kitchen and I want to get it fenced off and put a low maintenance garden there with herbs for the kitchen and a quiet, private, space for me to enjoy a glass of wine in the summer evenings!!! Had to wait for the new fosse septique (septic tank) to go in before doing anything with that bit of land and it has now been done. I just hope that our finances can cope with my plans. Got a staircase and some seasoned oak beams to sell - that will help - also got someone would like to buy our little bit of land other side of the river. Not worth a lot as it floods but has some nice wood on it. Will have to seriously think about it and try to get a decision from dear J who will not commit to anything these days.......

Can't remember what I wrote last time. Don't want to look back..

My dear friend Siggi has shot off to the Pyrenees for a month. She went on Weds. She has emphysemia and asthma and her GP arranged for her to go for the 'air' to see if will help. Poor Siggi - she is overweight which doesn't help - is still having the occasional fag in spite of being told not to - she goes on ridiculous diets instead of just eating sensibly all the time - has trouble walking due to problems with lead poisoning from chinese medicines years ago.... Siggi is on a hiding to nothing and I love her dearly and try to do my best to help her. I will miss her whilst she is away and really look forward to her return.

Little Georges now has two teeth, he is a lot happier and is laughing most of the time. Poor little chap has had so many problems getting the pearlies through. He cannot crawl yet but manages to get a move on with a marvellous pulling action. He chases the cats and always heads for the electrical cables and sockets!!!! He knows the word 'no' and shakes his head in agreement - smiling all the time - he is absolutely adorable. Will start posting some pictures soon. Just for you Doris!!

I was wondering, I know one can't post retrospectively but can one post a history? I have typed up my first holiday abroad but wasn't running a blog at the time. Shall I post it here or shall I open another blog and post it there. I kept a daily diary whilst away and think it would be nice to share. I know it is possible to copy and paste info. Shall I post as a history rather than a diary entry??? I think I will............. now...... under another name as it is 14 pages long!!

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

13th Jan - Unlucky for some???

Another day, another entry.... Today I went to an ITADS meeting in Parthenay, Oh what a bore. Christine is no longer doing the secretary thing, (I have been taking minutes for the last couple of meetings) and Diana has been asked to take over.. I did the minutes today though. What a waste of a morning...I could be doing so much more. At least my minutes report only made 1 A4 page - no longer hoorah!!!

Had clients overnight. Good for Jan I suppose. Just a couple of guys for a meeting at a local company that is now in the hands of an Indian car company. So strange to think that it is happening in France and not in the UK.. A marriage between France and India what a thing!! Our neighbour works at the car factory as an electrician. He has been on a 3 day week for the last 18 months - at least he still has a job.

The meeting this morning was a bit doom and gloom. Tourists from the UK are few and far between. It is time to open up to the Euro-zone and not rely on sterling. I am thankful that most of my clients are French/european (Belgian etc...) Time to start targeting Ireland methinks.....At least they are in the Euro zone....

We will start converting the Family suite into an apartment soon. I already have bookings for the summer. I think it will work... I was planning on 'slowing' down the bookings for the B&B this year anyway. Jeff and I both have our pensions (state) which is good. My original plan was that when we both get state pensions we only take enough to pay the tax bills, any extra is to our benefit (oh please!) - holidays etc.............. which I would really like, after all I have spent many years working and would like to live a bit. Not too much problem with that!!!!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

11th Jan

Oh my, it has been a few days since I have posted. What has been happening in my life? Not a lot!! The weather here has been so very, very cold. Down to -6 or more. I hate the cold weather. The snow has been sitting around for days. Only where the sun touches has it gone. Down in the meadow there is frost in the morning - it clears - then we get frost again. The ground is so hard that we cannot dig root veg. The river is frozen half way across and we have had cormorants - up to 40 - diving into the river for food!!!

I have been quite depressed - too much family going on for my tastes. I came out for a quiet life and just want to be me and do what I want - I am getting fed up with having to consider all and everyone else, I had enough of that before.... "What about me" I cry!!! (talking about crying - I keep finding tears running down my cheeks for no reason).............

Went to the Ball de Chasse last night. Out of around 400 people there were 15 English, not a bad evening in all. So nice to get away from crying babies and English TV.. I want my French programmes back!!!! I miss decent films in the evening.. I do not like TV on during the day!!!! I like my radio - I like my music and I like Peace and Quiet........ Oh here I go again but I have got to express how I feel or I will burst!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

When was my last posting I can't remember. We have had very cold weather here over the last few days. I read about the 'big freeze' in the UK where it has disrupted every part of everyday life. Par for the course over there. They knew it was coming and still everything stopped. Makes me wonder - when I was a child (many years ago) we managed to get about without any problems. Nowadays schools shut and transport stops running. Hopeless. The more I read about the UK the more I am that I left. The recession as well as the weather is bringing the country to a halt. Major retail stores closing and also so many other companies failing.

As for me...... well I have been on a downer for the last few days. Don't like the cold weather. Strange to see the river freezing over. Can't get veg out of the garden as the ground is frozen solid and I do not like to buy from the supermarkets if I can help it. My tumble dryer won't dry and my steam iron (brilliant when working!!) isn't working either. I got really upset as it spoiled my plans - infantile I know but I was in floods of tears for hours. I just wanted the day to end and to hide away until spring... Life has to go on though. Kathy can see auras - apparently mine has been grey for a long time..... Oh dear!!!

Going back to the UK end of Jan for David's funeral - God bless the man.....

Saturday, 3 January 2009

3rd Jan 2009

Family went home today and the clearing up begins. The weather is fine washing is drying floors are clear. Everything is now so quiet and normal again - well as normal as it can be out here.

Had some sad news this afternoon, a dear friend of ours died in the early hours. David was a guy we had known for 29 years - unbelieveable - didn't realise it was so long. A lovely man who will be sorely missed. Loved you David!!

Thursday, 1 January 2009

2009 commences

Is it really 1st January? I seem to have lost a couple of days on this Blog of mine. It has been really hectic here - I am finding it very tiring. The grandchildren are beginning to tire of each other. Charlotte I think has had enough of 'English' - If I remember rightly last Christmas towards the end of the family visit she was desperate to get back to her 'native' language of French.

Last night we had G and K round for the evening. We (I) prepared canapes/nibbles etc. G brought some salad an aubergine dip and a cake. It was K's birthday as well. It was an amusing evening and the grandchildren tired quite quickly- boring adults..... Oh for a proper 'Grown up' evening with friends.

No doubt you can see by my tone that things are not as good as they could be....