Thursday, 9 February 2012


Things seem to be working out well for us at the moment, I just hope that the positive element keeps going and going.

The only setback has been the horrendously cold weather that has been hanging around for nearly 3 weeks. We were lulled into a false sense of security by the balmy weather during January.

Apparently we live in a micro-climate similar to that of the south of France, well, for most of the year, but at the moment it is a microclimate similar to Scandinavia. The snow is persisting on the roads as well as paths and gardens. Snow has fallen onto ice and has made things very dangerous out there. Oh, and I do miss my wood burner! The radiators just do not do the job properly at the moment. We do have a chimney so during the summer we will source a new wood burner and have it installed before next winter.

I have heard nothing but complaints about the cold weather from the English fraternity (sorority); they are the same that complain about the excessive heat in the summer! For heaven’s sakes girls, it is winter, it comes every year, sometimes with a vengeance sometimes without. Get used to it, it’s not like the television programmes you know, sunshine, wine, croissants and coffee all the time.

I was originally planning our trip to Central America for the end of January but because of my surgery I had to delay. Maybe I should have waited until end of February to have it done but then we would be in the warmth and sunshine worrying ourselves silly about pipes freezing.

And, there was also the problem with TJ, but he is now on the mend proper.

Last week the surgeon opened him up completely and checked his internal organs. They found that he had adhesions in his small bowel as well as a couple of perforations. They managed to remove the offending part and re-join his bowel. They also had to repair a small perforation in the delicate stomach tissue. After 10 hours of surgery, he was put into a chemical induced coma for 5 days and was then slowly brought back to ‘the world’.

He has since had two of the 4 drains removed and is responding well to treatment as well as the nurses, doctors and of course, his mum and dad. His gastro tube now goes straight into the large bowel as his stomach is too delicate for it.

They are using Manuka Honey to help with healing and apparently it is very effective. Brilliant stuff, apparently it is made from the pollen of the ‘tea tree’ plant! It shouldn’t be too long before all the tubes and needles in his body are removed. It all seems too invasive for a young child but it had to be done.

As you can imagine we are all as pleased as punch. It has been a long haul for such a fragile child. He is unable to say how he feels verbally but his eyes say it all and at the moment he is OK.

Our electrician neighbour has been in over the last few days increasing the electric sockets, no more extension leads trailing all over the place inviting you to trip. It looks so much neater. His next job is to sort out the exterior lighting which needs a complete overhaul. Will be glad when it is all done and dusted.

Arrangements have been made for a new balustrade on the steps into the house and a cat flap for the two felines. Slowly it is all coming together.

The dog is having a holiday with friends and the cats are in situ but being cared for by a friend who lives nearby whilst we are away. Electrician & plumber will be keeping an eye on the boiler and pipes for us.

Not long now, am beginning to feel a little nervous and maybe apprehensive.

Neither of us are regular fliers, well he definitely isn’t and I haven’t that often.

An adventure!