Thursday, 9 April 2009

Spent most of the morning in Niort today, Jeff had his radio isotope scan and we will have to wait until Tuesday for the results... Not bad eh? The receptionist told me that they fax it today and that they also send a letter to our Doctor and to the consultant for next week - bearing in mind that we have Easter weekend as well - they don't do Good Friday out here! just Easter Monday... Don't think they work with that speed in the UK. I think things are OK as they only did the one scan this morning - they didn't need to do a second one this afternoon.

So we were back home by 2.30 - it has been such a lovely sunny day. Had another Qi Gong lesson - it was a good one and I feel good.

Checked in Castorama this morning for the kitchenette for the apartment. They are OK but Kathy thinks that they will be cheaper from Brico Depot (both companies are owned by Kingfisher Group) so we will be visiting there next week.

Ian is back in the UK safely and has some work to get him going - he will be applying for a fire security job but at least he will be earning something in the meantime. The British Consulate gave him a temporary passport to get home... what a farce. He can apply for a new one whilst he is in the UK.

Expecting rain tomorrow - good for the plants.

Gonna get on with the decorating. It must be done soon!!!!!

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