Sunday, 12 April 2009


Watched Britain's Got Talent last night - Haven't seen much of it before - just a couple of repeat shows at the end of last year. Well, last night was a 'blast'. An English Greek and his son doing a Greek Cypiot version of a gaelic dance.... hilarious! A 35 year old 20 stone stripper (female) she wowed Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell but I don't think she will be at the Royal Variety Show. The show stopper was Susan Boyle from a village outside Glasgow. 47 years old and dowdy - plain dowdy - but she had the most incredible voice - even little Georges was spellbound, he just stood in his playpen and listened to her. I have a feeling that she will be snatched up by a record company, given a makeover and be re-presented to the public.

A little rain overnight and this morning. The garden is greening up - plants are growing - weeds are growing grrrr! Put another couple of shrubs in yesterday so they will have a good start. The garden is actually beginning to take shape again - it is perpetually evolving - and slowly (too slowly) becoming low maintenance.

Georges had his first Easter egg today - he ate every scrap he could find - not a bit escaped and there was very little left on his cheeks and fingers. It was only a 'kinder' egg but he thoroughly enjoyed it.

Took a walk up the lane with Jeff, he needed to get out and have a bit of exercise - me too! Pixie followed us to the top of the lane meowing all the way - she was very quiet coming back and gave up walking when we reached the barns! Also needed to have a look at the lake and see how things are there. Moved the ragondin (coypu) trap as they are still getting in from the other side of the lane. Maybe we will get rid of some more - our local guy that was helping trap the ragondin and musk rats has moved on and the ville has not replaced him.

The Early Purple orchids are out in full bloom. They are beautiful. There are also some lovely lilac wild violets sitting like little jewels in the grass. The primroses are coming to an end unfortunately but the cowslips are replacing them and the first bluebells are opening their flowers. Solomons seals are slowly unfurling themselves against a backdrop of brambles, euonymus (spindle), holly and other small (cut back) trees.

There are some young heifers out - last years calves and also a group in another field with one of the bulls. I expect we will see some new calves in the next couple of weeks being brought up from Pellouaille.

The willows cuttings we planted last month are making leaf and it looks as though they have probably taken. We will have a decent screen down the meadow at last...

The tree fruit has loads of blossom this year. Last year was a total disaster with no stone fruit at all. We shall have plums and peaches - yummy! The Bramley apple has a lot of bloom too this year - only had a couple of paltry fruits last year, I think it was still recovering from being chewed by the sheep and being moved as well. I have two quinces and they both look well and the new cherry trees are settling in. The fruit bushes that we have moved are looking good so I think I will be having some fun with jams and preserves later this year.

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