Thursday, 18 August 2011

Houses and Grumbles

Am still looking.

Have seen a very nice house, very nice indeed. In walking distance of supermarket, just on edge of town.


Half the garden is given over to tarmac.

Veg plot is not included.

Owner wants to take more of garden for access to veg plot!!

So for us it is no go!!!!

In the meantime:

We have been to the UK for the wedding of a young lady we know. It is her second marriage. It is also her groom’s second marriage. We did attend her first trip up the aisle but did not foresee the problems that arose. Never mind, she has since matured and her new guy is so really nice and suitable for her… may they have many happy years together.

It was a lovely wedding, celebrated in a beautiful, historical, place that has been sanctioned for weddings. The service was very modern and very happy. The registrar was an absolute love! Our dear, youngest, grandson (3 yrs 4 months) was ring-bearer. He was ‘suited (3 piece) and booted’ and looked so absolutely gorgeous he brought smiles to the face and tears to the eyes.

Yes…. I was a proud granny and I think my man was a proud granddad.

We also visited my dear Mum, twice, caught up with my sisters news… did not see my brother (now there is a problem – will talk about it later). Did a little bit of shopping. Himself wanted to buy lots of things but I did have to remind him that we will be moving house so I did not want to have too much on the shelves or in the freezer, and…., we will be in the UK again in November for daughter no 1’s 40th birthday. He sighed a lot and gave me black looks!

Tough, but at the moment I call the shots!!!!

We had a passenger on our way to the UK. A young man, same age as our youngest daughter, in fact he was at school with her. He has his qualifications as a landscape gardner etc. he was charming and also drove part of the way to the ferry.

Now this young man came out a few years ago with his parents in law. The parents in law set up a B&B. Mum in law did not like strangers in her house. B&B is now closed.
Son in law does not speak a lot of French, he has two children that go to schools out here and they obviously are learning the language.

I did suggest that he enquires about the free French courses out here, it should help him with his gardening business.

It also turns out that this particular family also use the services of one of these companies that will buy all the English groceries etc. that you need… I was absolutely gobsmacked!

They move out here, work out here, do not speak the language and get English groceries.


I know it is not up to me to judge but I could not understand the thinking behind all of this.

I know that they live in an area, around 2 hrs from me, that is saturated with English people. Why come here, why not stay in the UK if it is the English thing that you want!

It really makes me wonder.

Anyway, next week we are back on the house trail…..