Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Those that are supposedly in 'the nick' are not it seems....

He was at a conference in London over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I will be here, in France, putting the gossip to bed and silencing the gossip-mongers.

I hope.

I am on the job...

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Something Nasty in the North

We have some good friends, they don’t live close to us now, which is such a shame as I would love to see them more.

They moved away a little while ago and now we only talk via Skype or email.

If and when we get the opportunity to see them ‘face to face’ catching up is a pleasure, as is the shared food, wine and laughter.

I was surprised then, last week, when I got an email from her saying that someone had said to a stranger that her husband had been involved in criminal activities.

My friend was undoubtedly shocked and horrified by this, as was I. This information reached my friends via a 3rd party who was as shocked as we were.

We have no idea where this ‘idea’ of criminality came from and are puzzled why it was said.

There is a small minded clique that lives north of us and it is someone within that area that said the offending ‘thing’, we do not know if she (and we know it is a she) is a member of this clique but have a suspicion that she is.

Have they nothing to do with their lives than spread malicious rumours about someone they do not even know.

I also heard from some friends here that other friends told them that a couple that we knew – also moved away – are languishing in prison. Both of them it seems….

We know he did some dodgy things out here, was prosecuted and fined, but his wife was not implicated at all and his offence was not one that would result in prison…

Where on earth did that bit of gossip come from?

Again it is a couple that are not here and do not have any way of defending themselves.

I sit and I listen and make gentle probes and if I can I put things right, I will, discreetly.

I do not tell stories, tall tales or spread gossip about people that I don’t know let alone people I do know.

I would not dream of it, let alone hear something and then tell someone else who will spread the word and no doubt embellish it on the way.

I just cannot understand it at all, these people seem to have no conscience at all and no thought about those that are the subject of their gossip and lies.