Sunday, 8 July 2012


There is a growing British community out here in France, this influx is quite frightening as well as interesting.

For this part of France it is the accessibility via the budget airlines to Nantes, Poitiers, Limoges and La Rochelle that has made the difference. When we first arrived we didn’t even think of flying here, it just wasn’t an option!

I don’t know if the same is happening in Normandy, Mayenne, the Loire or Brittany or even places further South, although it probably has over the past 20 years as those areas were de rigueur then. I remember holidaying in not only Brittany but also the Charente many years ago and there were Brits wishing to invest in those areas and also as far down to the Dordogne.

It appears that the majority of British ex-pats in the South of France are of the thespian, or musical, variety with a penchant to writing cookery books whilst holidaying in their villas overlooking Carcassonne or Port Grimaud, “Ah Daah,ling, such fantastic views, very nice my lovely, have another glass of The Widow, and have you seen ‘xxx’ lately Mwah, Mwah”. Thank heavens that I did not move there!

There are now lots of ladies in their early 30’s to mid-50’s who have arrived in my neck of the woods with their aspiring spouses, some of whom are working either in France or commuting from the UK to their homes here.

These ladies need to keep themselves occupied if they are not tied down with children, so they go into selling their crafts, consumables, company products or even selves.

I do not want to buy skin care that comes in fancy bottles and cost the earth. Products that are not tested on animals it seems,” Ha!” I say “were you bothered about animal testing before you started selling this expensive stuff?”. No, I will not buy these products – I will stick to my simple cream that has been around for a very long time!

And as for wonderful paints that will cover every, and any surface. No thank you. ‘Shabby chic’ French is not me at all, even the French in this region don’t do ‘Shabby chic’.

Twee things that a made and put into galleries etc., and as for the chutneys, pickles, marmalade, etc., Not at those prices darling!!

Pork sausages and pates… are these people for real? Nic nacks, bibelots and charming things for babies.

The invasion is amazing, and in truth, alarming. I didn’t realise how many of my English compatriots are here and that it is only the tip of the iceberg. I have gleaned this information through a social networking group…. And I know a lot of Brits that are not members of this group so the implications are daunting.

No wonder the French are concerned about the influx of immigrants.

There are Artists and Authors, Beauticians, Corporate advisors, Dieticians and Dressmakers, Egg producers, Fancy cake makers, Gardeners, Hairdressers, Immobiliers, Jewellers, Keep fit teachers, Ladies who lunch, Masseurs, Number crunchers, Organisers, Pedicurists, ‘Quality food’ sellers, Reiki practitioners , Scarf sellers, Tea Shop owners, Translators and Therapists of all sorts, U, V, W, X, Y & Z… and then there are the spouses who are Architects, Builders, Carpenters, plasterers & etc.. They all either have or know a man who can.

I know a lovely French guy who sends me regular emails about the threat of Islam in France – he should be worried about the threat of Englishwomen selling their wares.

Quelle horreur, le plus recent invasion anglaise.