Saturday, 1 September 2012

Truth Hurts

It seems it does tonight…

I haven’t written about my ‘intimate’ life on this blog before but I feel the need to do so now.

A few weeks ago, prior to our holiday, we went to celebrate the birthday and also housewarming of a lovely French friend. Himself imbibed too much and almost fell asleep at the table. I thought we should leave and go home, how we made it into our door I don’t know – he could barely keep the car on the road and French roads being what they are, we went the very rural route, I clung to the seat as we swerved through the lanes. Fortunately we got home unscathed. He did not remember any of it the next day.

Last week we celebrated another friend’s birthday. By 9pm he was ready to leave, dozing at the table, again. We left and just made it home, no shortcuts this time. Thank heavens the gendarmes were not around, he would have lost his licence.

Tonight, we were supposed to be at another French friend’s, for the evening, again celebrating a birthday. 

He had forgotten to tell me so it was not pencilled in. (grrr)

He was bemoaning about missing this event and I said “At least I won’t be driven home by a drunk tonight”.

Ooops, you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Truth hurts…. He did not like what I said – he didn’t have an answer and has gone to bed slamming the (his) door.  

He has a drink problem and won't acknowledge it. I live with him, I don’t have to but I do.

We sleep in separate rooms as his nocturnal 'behaviour' disturbs me too much, he does not snore, he just shouts and sometimes screams in his sleeps. His conversations, well one side of, are amazing but I cannot stand being woken three or four times a night and having to listen. He also kicks and punches so I am best out of the way. As far as he is concerned he has had a good nights sleep. He is obviously disturbed about something or maybe his medication has a play in this.  .  

Maybe things will change.