Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I don't like being an old 'Biddie', some things happen in your life and you wish you could turn the clock back - a day, a week, a year, - and hope that things will turn out differently.

We had a crisis point Sunday 5th April and things will never be the same again. Our lives have irrevocably changed. (hmmm long word!).

Ian has now returned to the UK, with all his possessions.... He is not welcome in our house any more!

I am so sad at all of this....but our lives must continue.

I can't bring myself to publish what happened - maybe I will later.

Dear Siggi is in hospital with a chest infection. I thought that would happen - she was so unwell as I said. In for ten days. Ranjith (Don) and Siggi should be off to Trinidad.

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