Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Today it has rained and rained (it doesn't look quite right!) il pleure et pleure encore - peut etre c'est meilleur!

Did my passport photo - OMG (Oh My God) I really need to have my eyelids sorted if and when I win the lottery. I definitely have my dear sweet Dad's eyes. (just call me droopy!)

So tomorrow I source my friend to confirm that it is a likeness of myself and also for Jeff, a likeness of himself, and apply via the British Consulate in Paris/Bordeaux or where-ever at one hell of a cost (but it is at least for ten years) so I can go back to the land of my birth or where-ever...

I am so glad that I planted some shrubs over the past couple of days - they are now getting a good watering in - just hope that they establish themselves and enhance my garden.

Jeff had a little chat with Ian, bridges/fences are being mended - slowly by surely - hoo effing ra!

Charlotte is absolutely fine, she is still having a little cough now and then, but - yes there is a but - she seems so good. Kathy got the results of her blood tests today and has been researching on the internet; too much information!! - Anyway it seems that some bacteria has caused the problem and she has to stay away from the rest of the world!! At least she has 3 weeks to recuperate before going back to school...

Oh what a change to our lives..........................

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