Saturday, 30 March 2013

An idea published

I have recently become acquainted with a new author. She has just published her first novel and at the moment I am reading my copy.

The novel is an ‘alternate history’ thriller, and I am finding it exciting and intriguing.

The author, Alison Morton  has had an undying interest in all things relating to ancient Rome.  

Her interest was ‘sparked’ on a visit to an ancient site in Spain when she was a young girl and once it got a grip it would not let go. 

She pondered the question, ‘Supposing Women were the rulers in Rome, how would the world be now?’ 

That was her vision and that idea is the basis of the book.

The basic synopsis is of a young woman in modern America, but not the USA as we know it. Centuries back the Roman Empire did not just ‘dissolve’ away but part of it split away and became a ‘matriarchal’ European country. 

The heroine of this novel is totally unaware that she is descended from one of the most important families in Roma Nova as this fictional country is known. Her life is suddenly shaken up and is in danger from political enemies.

I won’t say any more, just that this fast paced book ‘Inceptio’ is getting good reviews and is selling well.

The second book is at the final proofing stage book, number three is ready as well and she is working on number four. Am looking forward to seeing them in print as well

Alison has my admiration for sticking to her guns and working very hard over the past 4 years getting it all together.

It is nice to meet a person with a sense of history and who, like me, absolutely hates bad spelling and grammar as well as the misuse and bad spelling of Latin and French phrases.   

I had a friend contact me, she will be visiting me with some other friends, and she said ‘I will be picking up X & Y on root’. 


I find it unbelievable that someone who has lived here for 10 years cannot spell a basic French phrase.

Or am I just 'picky' ?

Friday, 22 March 2013

What do you do if you have forgotten how to pray?

I used to pray but haven’t done so in such a long time.

I feel that I need to send messages to that ‘being’,  who is known as God.

I need answers.

As a baptised Catholic I am finding this very difficult.

There are Methodist and Anglican vicars in my locality but I don’t know of any English speaking ‘Roman’ priests that could help me.

I feel at a spiritual loss.

It is no good talking to ‘himself’ as he is a self-proclaimed agnostic… he has an ‘aggressive’ aversion to religion of any shape or form.  

I have no idea what he is afraid of, but there is something in his background that has formed this opinion.

There is no empathy from him.

When he knew my sister had died his response, basically, was ‘Sorry, but when you get to our age people you know die.’ 
I can’t remember his exact words but that was the impression I got.

It seems as though the part of his brain that has feelings, empathy etc. is switched off.

The part of his brain that is concerned with himself though is fully up and running!

We had friends round for lunch yesterday. 

They left at around 4pm. 

He continued drinking, had a light snack later.

At half past midnight this morning I heard him in the loo voiding himself of all and everything.

When I mentioned it this morning he had no recollection….

I so need solace.

Tears come very easy these days.

The Old Biddie is not very happy…

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Have just arrived back home after a rather stressful week.

I was supposed to be returning to the UK on the 7th March to celebrate my mother’s 92nd birthday, the whole family were going to have a lovely party in her honour in my sister’s new house.

Life was turned upside down on the 22nd February.

I cancelled my flight (he was staying here) and booked a ferry for the two of us instead for the following Tuesday. 

We saw mum and our children, did some shopping, he returned on the Saturday and I stayed on for another week.

I found it all very surreal, a piece of my life had been switched off. My mother is not one for emotions, she is a very private person and keeps her feelings to herself. She will voice her opinions and thoughts though. We talked, she wept a little, I wept a little, she was unhappy that her daughters partner of 14 yrs was left with nothing. They had not married. Maybe they planned to in the future, but the future didn’t happen. Mum is very fond of him and, I think, would have loved him for a son-in-law.

And so my life has changed.

I am now the eldest child in the family. My brother is not too enamoured of that idea, yes, I was his older sister but now the eldest sister.

The airline company, who normally get bad press for their practices have agreed to refund my flight costs. 


When I got home I found that no cleaning had been done in the house. When we left it was clean. I am stating my case and whether he likes it or not is tough. He obviously needs to employ a housekeeper, cook and cleaner.

And, to my horror, not only am I turning into my mother but I am turning into my mother in law! I bought a lovely pair of shoes for the summer and what does he say “My mum had a pair of shoes just like that.”


I mentioned that the lounge decoration should have been finished so that we could get on with the next thing that needed doing. 

Response was, “Yes and the gardening & etc.” I wondered what he was on about. 

“Do you mean that you think you needed to finish the painting? If I had been here then it would have been done, as it is I was in the UK, because of my sister’s death, it had always been my intention for me to finish it.” Was my response, along with a few swear words. 

“Oh.” He said.

Anyway, painting is now done. Just need to put paper on the wall.

Papering over the cracks?