Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday last day of July 2009

Again, it has been a sunny day, and a quiet day.

I have achieved so much, no interruptions from any sources.

My clients, English, staying for two nights are really nice. They are a family of four heading to the south of France - but - they decided to do Puy du Fou for the day and cinecine for the night. Mrs saw it advertised in the UK and thought "that would be nice for the family" so they came here for two nights - a nice little earner I must say. And, as a bonus, they come from the same part of the UK as we do!! Small world.. I just hope that they tell their friends all about P du F and us :-)

Also have a French party over the weekend - 4 in the new self catering suite and a couple for one night - a wedding... Looks as though they are going to have a good weekend. The weather promises to be so very good for them all...

I still would love to quit this though. I do so like to meet new people but I do not like the waiting around for them and the work afterwards.... Oh well.

K and family are happily settled with daughter no. 1 in the UK. Daughter no. 1 thinks that little Georges is just like her firstborn Alex.. I must admit that there are striking similarities. Poor little chaps are going to look just like their maternal grand-dad when they get older then!!

Thought I would upload Mont st Michel this time.... will scan in and put on some drawings next...

Ho hum - time for bed; night-night!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Just had a review of my last few postings...

Thank you blogspot for letting me put my thoughts out there in the ether.

Makes my life easier for me.....

Makes me content..

Thank you..

(sunset from my mind painted by me around 5 years ago)


My dear youngest daughter and her two children have taken an aeroplane today and flown to the UK. It will be the first time since the end of August 2006 that they have been there. It will be the first time for little Georges, he will be meeting his great-grandmothers and two of his cousins as well as other relatives - peut etre.

Today has been very quiet for me... in a way. I have been able to turn up the radio to the volume that suits me when I am doing the housework. Back to normal for 3 weeks. BLISS!!!!

I do love my children and grandchildren but there are times when one needs time and space for oneself to do what one wants.... and I am doing that - as well as sorting the veg harvesting and freezing.

I am trying something new. There has been a lack of sloes in the hedgerow over the past couple of years but this year we have some wild plums... I have some 'alcool pour fruits' that I bought about 4 yrs ago sitting in the pantry so I had a little thought... why not try 'sloe gin' with alternative ingredients... So far it smells so goooooood... Leave it in the bocal until xmas and then bottle and try (as hard as I can!) to leave it for a couple of years before drinking..... Oh! maybe 6 months or so.

We do have some eau de vie but that is a bit potent, although with the (handwritten) recipes gleaned from my dear sweet French neighbour I am sure we can come up with some alternatives. Oh for a decent apero...

Business is good at the moment, just enough to keep me ticking over. Not too much that I can't cope. Am still thinking of down-sizing, he is hearing me and listening.

Am looking to taking a few days break in Pornic later on - early Oct. We went there around 15 years ago for a few hours. Had a holiday at La Baule (very expensive!) and took a trip south over the bridge at St. Nazaire and ended up at Pornic. What a delightful place!! Our neighbour goes there when the tide is really low and harvests moules!! It will be nice to go there and explore more - there is so much to see only a couple of hours drive away.... Will probably book in the next week.

Strangely enough I have not had any sign of a headache today.... hmmmmm I wonder why...

Incidentally - I am adding some of my pictures..... (yachts 2009 - for the Boat Room)

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Harry Patch passed away today aged 111. Oh my, One hundred and eleven years old. When I told Charlotte her eyes grew so large and she just looked at me as if to say "what! that old". Last week we lost Henry Allingham. Both of these guys were Old Soldiers from the Great War. That is the War that my grandfather lost his life in.

My Granddad, Charles, lost his life on the 16th May 1915 in France, a matter of 6 weeks before his last child was born, my Dad. My Dad was the 7th son (ho hum) and there was an older sister. I never knew my Granddad - or my Grandma come to that. I honestly felt that I was a deprived child as I never had that (+ 1) generation to go to when I heard all my contemparies at school saying how they had weekends and holidays with the grandparents....Never mind, I think that I am a well adjusted person in spite of... Dad wasn't too close to his siblings - probably to do with the age difference and the fact that he buggered off to serve King and country as soon as he was able. A lot to do with the stepfather - but then that is another story.

I do so miss my Dad, he was a fount of wisdom. Sometimes a bit cranky (especially when he got older) but he knew so very much, especially when it came to plants. I just have to search back into my memory to find what he told me. A truly loveable man. xxx


Oh hoo flipping ra! My man now understands me, it has only taken 39 years 5 months and 10 days...

We have had a 'minor' discussion this evening regarding our dear daughter, her partner and the barn. Her partners father insists that before he advances any money to his son for improving the barn, that we produce a document that says that the property is theirs in full.... As you can imagine I have had serious doubts about this. Yes, the young persons have a document, officially notiarised, saying that the property is theirs... But, to date no money has changed hands. There is a private agreement, agreed by the notaire, that the amount, in full, will be paid within 5 years... Yes, we are all happy about this.... except for me..... I would like assurance from his father that he will cough up the dosh to help his son complete the project..... Oh eventually, today, I have got through to my dear husband that I would like this in writing..... Hooo flipping ra!!!!!!! He (my man) will have a chat with our daughter explaining this - she would not listen to me at all (grrrr). Is it any wonder that I have high blood pressure and all related things.

I have been listening to my gut over the last few weeks and feel that I am now getting the same problem I had before coming here.... Too much acid!!! which equals IBS!! I had so many tests before 2001 and after arriving here I was fine - it is all happenning again, bleuh!!!. Relaxation, Qi Gong breathing, and a lot of wine helps.

Apart from all this, I am fine... Saw a dear friend the other day, he does my website. He kicked his wife out of his life earlier this year... Bit of a fraught time for her and her daughter but he is now so happy and relaxed it is amazing. Wont give any details at all... but he has a new lady in his life and it has made a remarkable change.. Got me thinking though!!!

Anyway, have had a chat with my man and it looks as though, if I can sort the finances, we will be taking a trip in the new year.. Got to do my sums - but he has to do bits in the house that need desperately sorting. He is not exactly pro-active when it comes to DIY. I don't mind the decorating etc. but when it comes to the 'maintenance and building' bits then I am lost. I hate power tools, I learnt from my Dad how to use a saw and hand drill, but electric stuff throws me.
Now he understands and seems to be in agreement that we put our pile on the market beginning of next year.

I would love to have a smaller place with space for me to have a studio so that I can paint. It will happen in the near future I am sure. Thought I would display something I painted 20 years ago... (no title)

Monday, 20 July 2009

40th anniversary of Moon Landing

I was 22 yrs old when man landed on the moon. But did he? I have wondered ever since that day. I remember watching on the television in black and white, mum and dad did not have colour tv then so it was all shades of grey..

I am not a scientific person, but that event did not look quite right to me. I remember seeing the landing and the men leaving the 'space craft' - moving on the 'moon' - 'erecting the stars and stripes' - etc.. it all looked a little bit 'staged'.

What I would like to know is - why haven't they gone there again? If it was so easy in 1969, when technology was not so advanced as now, why haven't they been back there and set up a 'colony' or whatever.. It seems strange to me that they haven't. I know that there are lots of 'theorists' out there and it appears that their questions are not fully answered. Was this the worlds greatest hoax?? Maybe we will find out in the future....

Back to my hundrum life...

I am getting clients for weekends which is good, generally bookings are over 3 days so I have 4 days to get myself organised for the following weekend. If it continues like this then I can cope. I am being more circumspect about who I take. It is working for the moment, at least I will be able to pay my taxes this year!!

I find that I get very tired, I am not a morning person, never have been, and having to do breakfasts early really does affect me. I get so very weary. I know that I am a direct descendent of laundresses but even that doesn't really mean that I should enjoy the washing and ironing of bed linen.... oh to be retired and enjoying my life instead of working.... blah!

Kathy and children return to the UK for 3 weeks from end of July. Bliss! No more young female shrieking around - I did not know that one child could make so much noise. I am sure that my three girls were a lot quieter. I suppose it is because Charlotte was a singleton for such a long time.. maybe she just needs to let of steam when not at school. I don't know. It will be deathly quiet here whilst they are away and I know that I will miss them but - it will be so peaceful and Jeff and I will be able to have (grown up) people around without having to consider children.... 1st time in three years..... Oh joy!!!

Dear sweet Georges is now making more 'words' - his favourite when seeing someone is 'Hiya', he also knows flower, cat, shar (Charlotte), Dada, Mama, grandad, more, and occasionally he will say a proper word just the once. He is learning very quickly. He is a beautiful boy.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday and hot

This weekend they will be celebrating the fete nationale in our local big town by the very ancient chateau. If the past couple of years are anything to go by it will be fantastic..... On Monday they will be celebrating in the nearest town with all sorts of things going on..... Will probably do that one as it is nearer.... Will write up in due course.

Saw a programme about David Hockney on TV the other night. Absolutely brilliant! What a man, and seeing him working on his paintings in his native Yorkshire was an absolute delight. Yes, he has inspired me and I even contacted him to let him know - and I received a very nice reply from one of his assistants. It would be nice if he came here and painted some of our countryside.

Back to 'Old Biddie' thing, treated my self to something new - what a thrill for me - a new vacuum cleaner!! It is quiet and so efficient, boring, boring... yes I know but it is better than a broom and we don't get that much 'muck' in the house. No dogs shedding hair and the cats spend most of the time outside anyway. It is mainly human dust that is drawn into the bag, along with the odd crumb and dead insect. Next 'treat' for me will be a new washing machine!!! Ho hum..

The house is definitely cleaner anyway with just himself and me in it. Clients are easy to clean up afterwards and we are not getting many of those at the moment. Just the odd flurry every other weekend. More like it for me, less work....

Am working on a picture at the moment, don't know how it is going to come out, sure it will be OK. Need to buy some canvases - they are not madly expensive out here. Would be nice to try watercolours again. Find a that medium a bit difficult. Much prefer oils and acrylics. Kathy has seen some of my doodles and reckons that I should frame them and sell them. They are cartoonish I suppose. Trouble is I can't doodle to order, it is a 'switched-off daydreamy' thing that I do.

Had a dreaded mammogram test 3 weeks ago. Had a long wait for the result and was told that I needed further investigation..... pause, think, lose sleep etc.... went along to the radiographers as instructed and saw nice Dr B. who ultrasounded my boobs and proclaimed - no problems - just opaque cysts - nothing sinister - come back in two years time..... relief washed over me and my man.....

Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday - or is it Tuesday?

Woke up feeling good this morning. A good nights sleep as it was so much cooler overnight. Feel positive today!

J had some chores to do, one of which was taking a document to our insurers. I said it would need to be put in the postbox as today was Monday, J thought it was Tuesday and had to really think hard as to what day of the week it was. I suppose it could be to do with the pills he is on. He is sleeping so much better (and snoring well).

Had clients over the weekend, Friday and Saturday, have got all the bed linen washed and ironed and rooms done by 10.30. Feels good.

The LIFT (Ladies In France Together) group has opened a website - just 4 months after the group was thought of - not bad going - and it has also become an association (according to French law). There are around 100 members in the department alone and it is spreading. All nationalities are welcome - not just English.

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Just a little byeline....

Have had artistic Wwoofers here this year. Firstly Camille and Kim, both artists in their own right, and then Amanda, an art teacher. They all looked at the work I have done, sketches, paintings etc. and they all agree that I ought to go for it. I have a talent it seems and should use it.... Thank you girls for giving me the inspiration to do more. I will.... Just gotta convince the family!!

Independance Day and Gay Pride in the UK

The titles mean nothing to me at all, for a start I do not celebrate Independance Day although the film was a good one.. And as for Gay Pride - why don't they just keep themselves to themselves. do you see Straight Pride marches or Heterosexual Day, no you don't - why can't the 'gays' be like ordinary folk and just be ordinary? Don't like their policies thrust in my face all the time and no I am not 'homophobic', just as I am not against black, white, yellow, red, male or female. If people are nice, open and pleasant then I am happy with them.. Colour or creed does not matter without a third (sexual) equation coming into it.

Anyway, it is 2 weeks since I put my thoughts online. It has been hot here, really hot, and it does not suit me at all - too much too soon. I ache with the heat, I do not sleep well and I know it's the humidity that does me in. There have been storms threatening but not materialising and the pressuire on my whole self is too much. I yearn for a good thunderstorm to relieve it all. My ankles hurt and I cant spend too much time on my feet.... grrrrr.

There have been a few little 'arguments' going on in this household. I think that himself is now realising that things need to change. I am retired and don't want to stagnate in this perfect part of the world. I do love it very much and have created with his help a haven for people to come and stay and to chill. I have so many come back to stay even just for one or two nights, they like it here and I like them. It is becoming too much, I get so tired.

Our last Wwoofers have been gone a week now. Two delightful girls from Australia but of Chinese origin. I miss them enormously. They were such fun, worked hard and were brilliant cooks. Now I have a couple of easy oriental recipes..... Will definitely keep in touch with them.

Getting some good business. All to the best when it comes to sell. Have even written up the 'blurb' and people I know reckon we should have no problem selling as it will sell as a going concern with nowt to do.. And of course there are those who want to do this sort of thing. It is definitely for younger people.

Ian is working well in the UK and getting good bonuses. With luck he a Kathy will be able to get their place finished. Kathy is talking about going back to the UK at the end of the year to work so that they can get it all done. What worries me is that Charlotte will not be able to cope with the education system in the UK. She is doing so well out here and I am sure she will find it difficult slotting into the UK education system. I know also that Kathy will miss being here as she has slotted in so very well. We will see how it all pans out.

Our dear little Georges is toddling, learning words at last. Hard to believe he is now 14 months old. Sometimes he looks just like his mum othertimes like his other grandpa and sometimes like my dear Dad. He is an endearing little chap but still has problems with teething. I suppose it is a male thing not finding pain acceptable (unless you are a weird sort of guy!). He has also discovered his little piece of flesh and when he is nappyless he is quite content. I absolutely adore little Georges and will miss him when he goes back to the UK.