Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Had an ITADS meeting, 1st in 3 months, Ranjith (Don) took me down to Parthenay and we were the 1st to arrive.

At long last the committee has agreed that we only need to actually 'meet' 4 times a year. It seems that the the 'monthly' meetings were decided by Patrick (no longer a member) and Tuesday was decided by Keith (no longer a member) so many changes are afoot. It will make it so much easier.

So I spent a boring morning - meeting finished around 12.25 - and all decisions could have been sorted within 20 mins - talk about a load of waffle. I have decorating and gardening to do.... that is so much more important than 'waffle'..

Ranjith will be going to Trinidad on his own, Siggi will be staying with their daughter Ramani in the UK. She is not fit to travel all that distance. I do despair for her health.

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