Tuesday, 3 March 2009


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3nd of March today. Weather not too bad, in general things not too bad at all. Saw some primroses out this morning, apparently they have been about for a few days - just goes to show how long it has been since I have walked up the lane. Saw a peacock butterfly on Sunday, a sign that spring is well on its way. Birds have been twittering about all day. Ian saw a cuckoo a few days ago. Haven't heard it yet.

The picture is of Bernard our lovely Copper Maran Cockerel. He is very attentive to his ladies and quite a gentle soul, not like the other Cockerel we had. The poulltry are all now well penned in. I was a bit peeved having to chase them out of the garden. I just want it to look nice and tidy for clients. Can't have them (clients) arriving to an untidy entrance. Am tidying a little on a daily basis, just to keep it under control.

Planted some osiers in the meadow just the other side of the garden for a screen. They didn't cost a penny as Gilles let us take some cuttings from his down river. Maybe this year I can get my mental image up and into reality in the meadow. To have it planted up with willows and hazels. Maybe some other trees if I can source free saplings. My tillieul is growing up nicely and needs to be planted out now. Need to discuss with Jeff where to put it!! There may be space up the lake. I have some weeping willow cuttings that have grown and need to be planted as well.

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