Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another sunny day, how lovely for this time of year. Still no Swallows yet, but, the Black Redstart is around, heard his distinctive call. Also, I think, heard the Golden Oriole down by the river. Again a very distinctive call. Just got to listen for the Nightingale next, then the Cuckoo which is about but keeping quiet!! Seen a couple of Wagtails about as well. Spring is definitely on its way.

Dominique put a young bull in a field about a week ago. He has introduced 8 hiefers in the last couple of days. The girls are young and their coats still have the winter 'fluffyness' about them. Took a walk up the lane with Kathy and Georges yesterday and the girls were really curious about us. Loads of primroses and the leaves of bluebells are all there poking their way through. Will have to take a longer walk to see the cowslips, they are en route to Pellouialle.

Looks like the couple who were interested in the wooded land other side of the river have decided against it as it is difficult to get to. Will see the Mairie in St Andre and speak with them about it and find out about easier access for any prospective purchaser. I just want to get rid of the land, it is difficult for us to cope with.

Don't know that we would get permission to build a bridge.... Would cost too much anyway and we can't put in a 'ford' to get across. Not that we bought the land, it came with the original package!! The land itself is prone to flooding so no building is possible, so what about this for a pie in the sky idea?put a house on stilts of course!. There is plenty of wood to build it with. Then one would have to find out about getting power to it, lots of money.. unless one put up a wind generator and had a battery store. How's about a 'yourt on stilts' hmmmm - don't think that would work!! A self sufficient paradise that is surrounded by water in the winter, has the most beautiful wild flowers in the spring and I don't know what in the summer....

Ian is calmer today, thank heavens... He has worked well with getting the new wall in. At long last the apartment is taking shape. I think it will work well. Got some good bookings this year so it has paid for the work etc. already. Just got to go and buy the kitchenette, some hessian carpet, paint to decorate etc... Got the furniture, crockery, cutlery etc..

So how is this day ending, not so good at all...... Kathy had a little too much to drink and started an argument with her father. Definitely not good. Neither would back down. Language got worse and louder. Woke Charlotte and disturbed Ian. Plus Kim was in the room. I tried to diffuse the 'row' didn't work. Jeff went to bed really p'd off with his daughter. she was really out of line on this one. Hopefully things will be better in the morning. Whether she will apologise to her father or not I don't know.. wait and see.

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