Friday, 20 March 2009


This morning we had the power cut for 4 hours. The local electricity board was obviously doing some updating somewhere on the overhead lines. Power went off at 8.3o but was back by noon so in truth it was only 3 and a half hours.... I think that out here they allow extra time - just in case...

Again the weather was absolutely superb. So good for this time of year, just hope that it breaks soon, have been planting things that will need water. Apparently it is going to continue for a while.

Camille and Kim have dug out footings for my new wall.... bless them they have worked so hard for their bed and board. My plan is eventually coming together. Lee arrives on Monday and he will build the wall I want, finish off (again) the wall around the bac a sable and also sort out our new patio area. He wont be charged for staying and I know for that he is a bloody good worker and knows his stuff. Went to the bank yesterday but I need to have a rdv with a 'conseiller' to sort out what I want done. I just need to get money accessable. They seem to make it difficult but I know that they have our 'best interests' at heart.... I still know what we need to do with our money!! I now know that I will have our new little private garden, I have waited so long for this to be done - just a little area with privacy and peace... Will post some pictures when it is done. I have plants ready to go into it, sorted out pots for herbs (it is outside my kitchen door!!) - got my eye on a little 'bistro' table..

Camille and Kim leave tomorrow. It will be so sad, they are lovely girls and I have really enjoyed their company, it is so refreshing to have young people who are willing to exchange ideas

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