Saturday, 21 March 2009


Our dear Wwoofers, Kim and Camille, left us this morning, they were such a breath of fresh air and we will miss them enormously. Kim is very nice but seems a little shy. Camille though, well - she ran up to me like a 'puppy' to give me a big hug before going...So totally different in their own ways and I know that I would dearly love to see them again. I will be keeping in touch with them both. We have learned how to talk 'Red Kneck' (rayd nayk) courtesy of Camille!! Kathy has become adept over the last few days!! The girls are making their way by train to Carcasonne and then on to Montpellier and, would you believe, they have found a hostel to stay in in the centre of Carcasonne at only 19 euro a night!! Well done girls!

Kim and Camille have had a look at some of my 'art' and Camille has told me that I should make time and keep at it, both drawing and painting ----- so I will!!

Yesterday the girls dug out footings for my small wall, shifted loads of dirt and boy did they work hard. Kim admitted that she felt fit after all we have put them through the last few days. She is developing some muscle in her upper arms and shoulders!!! Camille stuck in and did well but she had been suffering with a sore throat and headache, maybe picked up from Charlotte.

Late morning today, Jeff and Ian set the footings for Lee next week, boy is he gonna work for his stay!! Lay a patio, build a block wall and finish off a dry-stone wall..

This afternoon had the pleasure of watching the six nations rugby, France won, England won and at the moment it looks like Eire is going to win..... Yipeeeee, my favourite three teams.... Don't like football, too many posers!! With Rugby - what you see is what you get!! (still watching Wales v Ireland and it is so close...... unbearable. Ire 17 / Wal 15 with 2 min to go) Yes, yes ,yes - Ireland did it!!! They have won the six nations trophy, England came second and France third..... Lovely!!! suits me down to the ground. Roll on World Cup!!

Jeff sorted a bit more in the garden yesterday and today. It is beginning to take shape at long last. Just to make it easy maintenance. Not much fun getting older and finding it more difficult to cope.

Ian is in one of his 'moods' or whatever one want to call it (male version of pmt?). He has been down the barn and has cleared out loads of stuff, stuff that I thought Jeff had got rid of! Problem is we have rats in the barn and there has been lots of places for them to nest and hide.... They need to be sorted so will have to get traps to get the b*gg**s - daren't use poison because of the cats!!

Talking about the barns, still haven't seen any swallows. They are usually here by now and starting to make their nests in the beams.... Other summer visitors have started arriving , hopefully they will be here within the next week. Not too many butterflies at the moment either. Just the occasional Peacock, no sign of Brimstones, usually the 1st to arrive. Maybe it is to do with the cold winds we are getting. Beautiful sunny days with a chill factor. Loads of primroses up the lane and the cowslips are just poking their head through... lovely!!

Our UK neighbours have planted more hedge between them and us, really close to the boundary. Lets wait and see!!

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