Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wednesday. Sun has been shining, wind has been absent for a change.

Picked up Kim and Camille yesterday, our new Wwoofers. Both are lovely girls - early twenties and looking to enjoy their stay in Europe. Jeff set them a couple of tasks today which they took on with no probs. Both are young and fit, artistic and not too worried about animals being slaughtered etc. Both are down to earth, lovely. Nothing like the young american male at all. In all honesty I can't help but compare between young Josh (New Zealander of 23) with Grant and Tyler both young American guys of 21. Josh was so fit, ran for miles, cycled for miles, lifted rocks, dug garden, drank, ate and behaved with 'gusto'. His physique was - well! what can one say but lucky Anja his new wife!. Then I visualise Grant and Tyler and see two young guys who shrink their heads into their shoulders, have hair over their faces and shy away from 'hard' work. Such opposites. Both the Americans were being fretted over by their 'Moms' yet Josh was over in Europe getting married and enjoying life with his head held high and a beer in his hand.
On the other hand, the American girls, well - they are happy to muck in and get their hands dirty, work hard in the garden, help in the kitchen, clean etc..... would rather have an American girl Wwoofer than half a dozen guys. We have a Dutch couple arriving in a couple of months to Wwoof with us then, I think, a couple of young Chinese/Australian doctors - female - who are doing the Europe thing. If last years experience is anything to go by then it will be fun.

Took out the wall in the family suite today, God bless Ian, he helped Kathy and took the wall out and then set the frame for the new wall. We have the proposed apartment let this year so really need to get the work under way. I have paint, tiles, furniture etc. Have sourced a good little kitchenette (unit with sink, hob, cupboard and fridge) at a reasonable price from Castorama. Got a devis from Jean-Patrick the plumber to fit, so all is underway. Once it is done I will need to get Clevacances out to assess for 'labellisation'. Hopefully I will get 2 'cles' for the apartment as well as the rooms. If Jeff was doing the job he would still be thinking of the best way to go about it, then have a cup of tea and think some more. He is inclined to be a bit pro-inactive is our Jeff, I have even seen him break a sweat when I mention 'decorating'!!!

Got our pensions in the bank this week, we will have to tighten our belts even more. I am so really peeved that we are losing so much. We have to be so careful what we spend and I do not like it. Jeff is finding it difficult. Yes we do have money in the French equivalent of TESSA's but cannot touch it as yet. Got to wait..... We are looking to sell the piece of land other side of the river. I have never been over to see it but looking from the riverbank this side there is lots of good wood for fuel. Maitre C. gave us a suggestion of price when we spoke with him last year and I will advertise for maybe a thousand euro more and if someone offers less then that would be acceptable. We do have a couple that are interested in it and we are waiting on their decision. They know that I want to get shot of the land ASAP and I have given them the lower price. The land is sitting idle and we have plenty of wood for fuel with the rest of the trees we have. Next thing would be the lake - maybe!!

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