Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Last night the wind was horrendous. I kept waking up and hearing the roaring. I buried myself under the covers but I still heard it. I so hate the wind. Maybe we will have to move. If not when I am on my own - just to go where there is no strong winds. I hate it.

It rained hard as well. At least it is helping the willows that I planted to get going. I find that I am typing too fast for this computer and it is pausing and catching up eventually, I find it quite disconcerting. Today has been sunny and wet with the occasional shower of hailstones. Typical weather for this time of year.

Haven't done much at all today, a bit of tidying but finished a Lynda la Plante book. Naughty me, I didn't feel like doing too much at all. Never mind, at least I cooked a decent dinner this evening.

Got Gill and Ken around tomorrow evening. Will cook a vegetarian lasagne for them along with a some salad and maybe a nice chocolate mousse for dessert. Will be fun. Love them both and if they do find their dream home in Mirepoix I will miss them enourmously. So many friends are moving away! Mind you, there are a lot of Brits moving out of the country because of the awful exchange rate. It is definitely sorting the wheat from the chaff..

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