Saturday, 14 March 2009

Today has been the 2nd wet day this week. Monday good, Tuesday when Camille and Kim arrived was wet. Wednesday, Thurs and Fri so nice that we could sit outside to eat and drink during the day. Lovely weather which made us all feel so much better. Apparently tomorrow is going to be good. I hope so.

Took a walk up the lane, there are primroses and celandines. Lots of tiny purple, lilac and white violets. They are like little jewels in the grass. The early purple orchid leaves are showing just waiting for April to arrive and then throw up their lovely flowers... Hopefully there will be more and more. I notice that the primroses are spreading further down the lane, they might even reach us soon!

Camille and Kim are both artists. I have seen their work Camille has a webpage with her works on it- they are excellent and she has sold many of her works - I think she is very talented. Knocks spots of Damien Hurst!!!!!

Kim works in graphic design -I watch her draw - she is very precise and neat. Again lovely work and to see a pen and ink portrait develop is amazing.

Duck was slaughtered today, have been putting it off for such a long time. Hope it tastes good when I cook it. Thinking also about despatching a few of the hens, there are too many I think. They are layers so only useful for chicken pie or curry or soup definitely not for roasting.

The Wwoofers are lovely. They are so pleasant, chatty, amusing and work very well. It just seems that females are more willing to get 'stuck in'. They have made a difference so far with the work that needs doing. Extra hands definitely help. We are so glad that we heard of this scheme. Jeff was so dubious at first but is now used to the idea and is happy to delegate.

Apartment is now ready for new wall and decorating. Will need to get some new flooring though. Have found a nice sold kitchenette to go in, just got to order it then get J-P to install it.

Got a painful left arm, had third tetanus jab on Thurs afternoon. 1st two jabs were worse than this time. At least I am covered now for the next ten years. Strange thing is I cannot remember for the life of me when I had jabs before.... Hence the need for all these shots. The thought of getting ill with tetanus.........

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