Monday, 9 March 2009

Quiet day today, Mme left with her partner, I will probably see her again soon. It is not good for her Mama, apparently she is now suffering from a degree of paralysis and deteriorating fast. I find it difficult coping with the grief that is there before the 'end'... I feel for Mme, remembering what it was like when my own Dad was so very poorly and just waiting to go...

Cleared rooms, did laundry, cleaned bathrooms etc..... at least the sun was shining but again it is windy. No rain though, good. Caught up on updating the computers, renewing antivirus etc.. sent loads of emails re ITADS. Meeting to be cancelled tomorrow, not enough of us able to attend. Ho hum.... that is the problem with volunteers, life can get in the way of what needs to be done.

Kathy had a bad night with Georges. Poor little chap, he is suffering so with his teeth.

Charlotte back to school today, I think she missed it over the last two weeks. She so loves her friends and, of course, the language.

Mel's new relationship seems to have 'bit the dust'. One day she will realise that friendship counts before 'relationships'. She is inclined to just dive into 'relationships' and then find that she is drowning!! It does concern me - what effect is it having on her children for a start. Are they going to grow up having lots of 'uncles'? I do hope not. They are of the age when they are influenced by grownups, especially Tom, the dear boy has had enough problems over the past few years. Natasha has met her daddy's 'girlfriend' - good God mummy and daddy aren't even divorced yet!! Frightens me!

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