Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sunday, a quiet, wet and blustery day. Typical March weather. Maybe it will go out like a lamb, who can tell?

A regular guest arrived yesterday, her mother has Parkinsons disease and is not at all well. Madame, as you can imagine, is very sad. This is the second time she has travelled from Paris this year to see her Mama and is keeping me up to date as to her condition. I find it very sad as her visits used to be happy visits.

George had a little lesson today, quite funny really, he sneezed whilst having his fingers in his mouth!!.. He has 4 teeth now and bit himself when he sneezed. He was quite shocked and bawled for ages afterwards. Must admit, we grown-ups laughed !

We have two Wwoofers arriving on Tuesday, a couple of American girls, Kim and Camille. They have already had a few weeks in the UK and are working their way through Europe. They have a Blog going as well charting their progress. I am going to keep up with it and see how they do. We have plenty of things for them to do in the garden, especially my garden..

Still waiting for the swallows to arrive, they seem to be late this year as last couple of years they arrived late February. Ian saw a Sparrowhawk in the garden last week, in swooped close to him in hot pursuit of a blackbird. Reading up on Sparrowhawks it must have been a female as they go for larger birds and, I didn't know this, they are about 25% larger than the males that take small birds like blue tits, sparrows, wrens etc.. will have to keep a look out for her, she might be nesting nearby. If I had a photo I would post it!!

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