Monday, 16 March 2009

Today has been a glorious sunny day. Got laundry sorted.... goody. froze some leeks... got lots more to do though. There are also parsnips to freeze. Did a bit in the garden, not a lot though. Again has been a bit of a disjointed day. Have actually looked at the bank account properly, surprised what I had missed - got a few euros stashed away that I had forgotten about... should pay for my own little garden outside the kitchen door - our own private space.... Won't need to sneak off to the river for a quiet drink, can do it just outside the house.. hee, hee..!!

Lee is coming out next week, great, he is a brickie.... and a good one... got a few jobs lined up for him. He will be here just like a wwoofer. Our dear sweet girls are going on Thurs. Will miss them enormously, love them and appreciate all that they are doing for us.

Ian threw a 'wobbly' this afternoon with Charlotte. I was absolutely shocked and, basically, 'broke down'... I had never, ever in my life seen someone 'flip' within seconds over something totally trivial. Charlotte broke down in tears and so did I..... unbelievable. There are some issues that need sorting with Ian. I know he has had many problems in the past and that there is something he really needs in his life that he is now lacking - but to behave the way he did was way over the top. He did apologise to me but he should not have done what he did.. There was no actual physical thing that he did, but he reverted to typical 'spoilt, agressive child' behaviour. I still feel shaken up by it all.... He knows it was wrong but whether he will seek help or not I don't know.

Still no sign of the Swallows..... they seem to be very late this year. Seeing plenty of butterflies, Peacocks and whites - no brimstones though, I thought that they were the first to be seen in the year.

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