Saturday, 28 February 2009

Last day of Feb 2009

It is now a month since my birthday. Four weeks. I do not feel any different. If anything I feel a bit more fractious.... what a word - it is normally kids that are fractious...... maybe I mean fractured. I am at the moment listening to a baby crying and his dad trying to cope with it.. it is 20.39 French time... I am going to bed in a bit and leave them to it. I do not want to intervene. My house is for a couple of over sixties not youngsters.......

My dear husband had a quiet word in my ear this afternoon. "Be nice to me" he said, "I have given up smoking and want you to be nice to me and understand my bad tempers". "I would like you to give me a bit of support!". Oh yeah, did he give me any support when I gave up smoking??? NO HE DID NOT!!!. What he is after is for me to jump on him with regularity. Maybe if he spoke to me and treated me well then I would.... And yes he will read this................... Got to the point where I don't give a shit... If it is difficult for him I know, well he has been given enough warnings from the medical profession over the past year, but it is his health that is under scrutiny, not mine, it is we (the family and doctors) that want to keep him going and for him to not have the pain of a heart attack or the disability of a stroke......

Anyway I have had my say and am off to bed!!!

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