Monday, 22 December 2008

Vicki, Kevin and their children Alex and Becky arrived this afternoon, as predicted 5.30 pm. Mayhem has ensued...... no - not really - just seemed like it. Oh so many people talking about so many things all at once. I suppose I will get used to it over the next couple of weeks. I really love my family and love to have them here but it is so intense as you can well imagine.

Kathy prepared spicy meat balls (from our own pork) really nice and oh so spicy. We all drank plenty and started to feel 'jaded' early. Jeff went to bed around 9 pm although Kevin beat him to it by about half an hour. Hopefully we will all feel well in the morning....

At least today has been a nice sunny day - albeit a bit on the chilly side. Charlotte and I had a nice walk up the lane - very crisp. Enjoyed it.

Vicki came out with the news that my Mum has at last decided that she will move to a smaller home next year. We lost Dad in 2006 and she now feels that it is time to move on. It had been their home since Feb 14 1947 - a long time. The only home that my Mum has known. (She was brought up in a convent - never knew a family - I am on her case!!) Good for Mum it will be easier, she has three bedrooms and a large garden, not ideal for a lady of 87 years.

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