Friday, 26 December 2008

Today we have had a quiet day, so different in France compared to the UK. The shops are all open, it is not a Bank Holiday. life goes on as normal. Took Vicki and Kevin out to get their Christmas present. Vicki expressed a desire to go to Leclerc in Bressuire - the Jardiniere. We found a lovely mosaic table kit. A small table - just enough for one bottle and two glasses. Kevin thought it would be ideal so - present bought. I am glad that they liked it.

Kids are fine, playing with their Nintendo DS's - so much for Ludo etc..... Oh let's play something electronic, so much better than a proper game. House got a bit noisy this afternoon. I am becoming a bit of an old woman I'm afraid. I do so love my daughters and grandchildren but I do so also love my peace and quiet.

Today weather is very cold, wind from the North and North East, and so crisp. The sky is very blue and at night so clear - the stars are amazing but it is too cold to stay out and look.

So here we go, kids are settling for bed. Dear sweet baby Georges popped his first tooth on 24th Dec. - months old to the day. Charlotte has her DS and is feeling so grown up using such a game.

Me, at the moment feeling a bit p'd - someone who's name will not be mentioned has polluted my airspace with the smell of 'pot', makes me feel very nauseous to say the least. It is something I do not want in my house - their own I don't care but mine - no way..... One day they will realise - I suppose if this is read by them.... They know who I mean.

I do hope and pray that my house will be my own again, maybe from the beginning of April '09 or even earlier. So far it has not been my own (since Sept '06) and I find that I am no longer the 'chatelaine'. Where did I fail? Why didn't I get the support that I needed? Oh shit, I am getting maudlin again.... Maybe I need to get away (hmmm again??) and clear my mind....

This holiday has consisted of UK tv. I now remember why I did not miss it. Oh to have French TV back, so fresh and delightful. I think that the Uk puts out so much purile rubbish - and the amount of ads - unbelieveable. As for the news - I just do not want to know and I do need to know what is happening out here, especially with the weather etc.... The United Kingdom means diddly shit to me. I have had 7 years of French tv and that has suited me down to the ground, and yet I have been cajoled into getting freeview - blah - I did not really want it at all and now I can see why - it is Kathy and Ian that wanted it!!!!!!!!...................... Oh for the sanity of non-UK tv - fuck the football, fuck the reality programmes, fuck the soaps..... give me something decent to watch. If there is anything decent it starts an hour later so it finishes an hour later....... blah, boo, sucks.....................etc................

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