Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Evening of the 16th December, have bought some more Christmas presents, wine and other bits and bobs. Still haven't finished the ITA minutes, must get it done soon. Cleared and cleaned more of the lounge (it has been an absolute pit for the last few months!!!) so that it will look sparkling and new for the holiday season. I have new curtains for the lounge but they will not be going up until Kathy et al move out. I have so many plans that have been put on ice over the last couple of years. Found a really nice Corbieres wine from Lidl in Bressuire, puts the wine from Bradeo to shame. The bubbles we bought were dismal to say the least. Stick to Vouvray I say or Nicholas Feuillatte - lovely champagne - knocks Moet into a cocked hat.

At least the family are taking notice about my desire for the house to be cleaner and tidier. I used to be able to keep on top of it in the past.

Gonna settle down and watch a film later. Oh to relax a bit. I will continue knitting Mels scarf, it won't take long to finish at all.

More to say........ Weather is crap at the moment, dismal damp days, typical winter out here but we do have some lovely sunny, crisp days in the winter. Checked out the price of hypericum for Jeff, 21 euro plus for 1 months supply of tablets - only 7 or so quid in the UK - got to source some from UK - much too dear out here. It is surprising, many medications are so affordable yet the herbal stuff is out of the pocket.

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