Thursday, 18 December 2008

Missed a day, oh well doesn't matter that much. Yesterday was a very disjointed one, I had a headache nearly all day, there were too many people about, too much noise and I got a bit bad tempered.

Don't feel much better today, head is full of cotton wool and ears are ringing all the time - especially the left. I hate tinnitus. Don't seem to be able to settle down - it is almost as though my life is not my own at the moment...

Will get a bite of lunch and go out for a long walk to try and clear the cobwebs..

Had my walk and feel so much better, when I got back I found the bedspread that needed patching. It is a patchwork quilt that my sister made years ago. The lining had a couple of tears in it and was in desperate need of repairing. Trouble was, couldn't do it on the sewing machine, definitely a hand sewing job. Took me a couple of hours but at least it is now done and on the bed. Warmer nights!!!! goody.

The pigs were slaughtered today along with 1 sheep and 2 lambs. M. Fradin will be back after Christmas to do the other 2 sheep and 1 lamb. Kathy wants to try making chorizo sausages and bacon this year. She didn't have the opportunity last year. Don't know why we have all this slaughtering done just before the holiday. Turkeys go to abbatoir tomorrow morning, then they are collected over the weeked. All this dead meat - yeuk!!!!

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