Sunday, 21 December 2008

Didn't blog yesterday, seemed to have too many things to do and in the evening I sat and chilled with a film. An old one that I didn't remember much about. 'A Knights Tale' with Heath Ledger, Paul Bettany et al. Forgot how funny it is - the depiction of Chaucer was great and Mr Bettany has quite a nice bum too!!

Just had a look on the BBC news website - oh boy is the UK in trouble. All down to Mr 'Prudence' Brown and his mismanagement of the UK economy. Selling off UK's gold reserves and then destroying the pension system, milking money off all and sundry - Good housekeeper no way, and there he is an unelected Prime Mnister running the country into the ground. I know I am going on a bit, but if I could contribute to a change in the UK I would, but I forfeited that when I moved out of the country. The electorate has become too apathetic over the past few years - I hear complaints but nobody seems to be asking the government to stand down. People should be able to demand a fair election if they are not happy with the situation. England has become a 'tin-pot' dictatorship under New Labour - sucked in by all the smooth talk and promises. Oh enough, I could go on and on but it is the season of goodwill etc...... Oh yes, one question - how and why did Peter Mandelson become a Baron? Can anyone answer? Everybody I have spoken to (no politicians) do not know the answer..... nobody knows - it just happened...

Did I say, Kathy, yesterday, prepared pork belly for baconing (I assume that is the right word) for the very first time. She also made some chorizo sausages. Hope it all works out - at least we will get some decent bacon if it does. 1st time for everything in this life.

Tomorrow Vicki and Kevin, her husband, and their two children Alex and Becky arrive for Christmas. They are with us until 2nd January. Should be fun. Vicky will probably do the 'angst' thing by manicuring her nails the whole holiday. It is a bit like obsessive compulsive disorder with her. She will also be 'worrying' about her children and their behaviour etc... as well as her chickens/work/friends..... Trouble is - she is a scientist and analysing everything 24/7. As a child she wanted to know the whys and wherefores of everything, used to drive me up the wall as you can imagine. She is no different as a 37 year old. Some people seem to have a mindset in action from birth and she is one of them....strange. Kevin, on the other hand, takes it all in his stride and weather permitting will be straight down the river and fish - even if he does not catch anything he is happy. His way of winding down. Alex is very intelligent and, I think, could go into something like engineering. He creates the most amazing machines out of lego and has a wonderful imagination. Becky is a blonde - nuff said!!!. They will be bringing their Wii and all the accessories that goes with it. In the big lounge not my living room this Christmas.... I want a bit of space!!!!

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