Sunday, 21 December 2008

French TV vs Freeview

Just a little thing, since we moved out here in 2001 we viewed French tv. Canal + and all their channels - we then a year ago dropped the extra channels and had just the basic Canal channel which included all the French free channels. Found that it satisfied our needs. We don't watch a lot of TV except in the winter months and then we had films and some UK programmes that were ok if not good, and some of the French progs were excellent - and we were beginning to understand most of them. So it cost us 22 euros a month - not bad at all. Anyway whilst I was away in Turkey Kath, Ian et al decided that we should have freeview - I never said "Oooh yes please, would love it, as I miss the UK programmes so very much" etc.... I suppose I was cajoled into having it, after all it was talked about for many months (I suppose they missed UK TV).... Oh how I HATE English tv.... what a load of utter peurile crap.... and as for the ITV and channel 4 or 5 or whatever programmes - so many advertisements interrupting films etc!!! I am finding it quite unbearable. All the recycling of old films - at least on French tv there was new stuff and new series shown before they are shown in UK.... Maybe this is not such a little thing at all. That is why I have so much time to write this blog. Am I being a truly grumpy old bird? or just expressing my feelings? I think it is the latter.

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