Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sunday 28th Dec 08

Missed a day again. I felt a bit unwell yesterday, didn't do much at all. Weather was very clear here but oh so cold. Minus something degrees. Don't like the cold. Was a bit on auto pilot. Had too much alcohol over the last few days so really feeling it.... Cooked a leg of mutton today - poor old 'Big Mamma' - hate to say it but beautiful tender meat. The leg weighed around 8lb - cooked the 1st 20 min at 230 celsius - then 3 hrs at around 160 - covered of course. Drained the juices every hour or so. Studded the meat with rosemary and garlic. It didn't need anything else. Roasted some potatoes and also had carrots (orange and white) with freshly cut cabbage. Delicious.....

Again, today has been bright and very cold. Saw the frost forming on the ground after I had got up. Really should take advantage and go out for brisk walks but don't really feel like it.

Chickens are still laying, on and off, it is really too cold for them. Need to get out and start doing bits in the garden in preparation for spring. I have some saplings and young shrubs to plant but the ground is far too cold. All I can do out there is clear up and remove weeds. So much to do.

Gonna go out tomorrow to the sales and get some bits for young Tom. He is so short of clothes, poor lad. Don't think his mum takes too much interest in him, and being the eldest grandchild in the family there are no hand-me-downs. Apparently he wants to revert to Tom White now that his mum is divorcing his stepdad - good!!

Looked at the exchange rate - definitely got to lower our sights now - we are down so much per month - disgusts me.

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