Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Christmas Eve, went shopping with Vicki, yes she is full of angst again. Maybe it will 'clear' don't know if you can get medication for it - every time she is the same. Kids are fine, guys are fine, Ian and Jeff have had their holiday haircut at last. They both look a lot better. Am writing this whilst kids and grandkids are out for a long walk. Maybe they will all come back tired but refreshed. Have cooked up some lamb for tonight and finished wrapping presents.

It is now a few minutes before midnight, no sign of Santa, oh dear - do I really believe in him? Must not forget to have those childhood moments......

Dinner was done and thoroughly enjoyed. Children are all safely tucked in until the morning. Presents are all under the tree. Kitchen is ready for the food onslaught in the morning. Kathy is cooking with (I think) Kevin as commi chef. Kevin made sausages this evening and Kathy has brought out the first lot of bacon. Looks good so far. If everything on the table is home made then good for us, but must confess the Christmas pud has come from the UK and - quelle horreur - I have not made a cake - 1st time in umpteen years. Never mind I am sure all will work out well.

Happy holidays to all

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