Friday, 19 December 2008

Today we have had the pig and sheep/lamb carcases cut into joints. M. Fradin has made, again, a brilliant job of it. The pigs he cut English style as Kathy wants to make bacon. Looks as though the French Lops are meatier than the ones we had last year (Old Black / Tamworth cross) and they were leaner, much less waste - the amount of fat last year was unbelievable. Turkeys went to abbattoir - collected pm - some nice weights. We have a bronze this year for Christmas - last years was a big white one. If it cooks well then maybe next year we will have more bronze (black in France!!!) will keep you posted.

With the sheep 'Big Mamma' had an enormous amount of fat round her middle. M. Fradin was quite amazed at the amount. When Big Mamma was around her back was as wide as a table - no kidding - we knew there would be some fat in her but did not realise how much. One mutton and two lambs were 'done' - the other two mutton and lamb to be done later. Bye bye sheep, the rest go on the 7th Jan '09, we will then be able to do something with the meadow and the lake. I won't miss them as I have been taking cuttings of all sorts and want to get them planted up. I dearly want to see the land being used for trees, it could look so good. Jeff is in two minds about my plans. All I want is to make life easier. All well and good having livestock but they take time and money to look after. We are retired after all and need to have time for ourselves.

I am, from the beginning of 2009, putting excess money after all the bills are dealt with to a savings account. We should then have a 'fund' to pay for holidays and other 'surprise' bills. This year we had to lay out over 1200 euros on the car, bit of a bummer as it was not budgeted for. We have an invitation to go to Sri Lanka with some friends in 2010 and also want to go to Costa Rica as well so we need to put as much away as possible. I did my Turkey trip and absolutely loved it. If Jeff does not want Sri Lanka then I will go and he can stay. I know he wants to go to see Leo and Doris - what did he say when I mentioned Sri Lanka "been there" hmmmm - I haven't - but he hasn't been to Costa Rica. Look out Doris & Leo, he may come on his own!!!

Little Georges has been a bit of a problem today. It all started yesterday, Kathy went to a Basketball match in the evening, Georges was not happy and cried for over an hour. Ian tried to settle him and eventually I succeeded. Kathy did not get back 'til after 11.30pm. I was absolutely knackered, Ian and Jeff had gone to bed. Anyway, the upshot is Georges decided today that he did not want his mum out of his sight!!!! So he carried on as though she was not there - Kathy now realises how difficult he can be when she is not around. He needs his mum while he is teething, nothing else will do...... Generally though he is such a happy chap but at the moment he is in pain and unhappy.

I will be off to bed in a bit, have caught up on correspondence (got another client for next year - yippee), cleaning in the kitchen, changed the bed etc...... and caught up with some friends I have not seen for months. Tomorrow, I hope, will be sunny and bright - lots to do in the garden.

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