Monday, 23 February 2009


SUNDAY Kat, Ian, Charlotte and George went for lunch with Thierry and Kameela today..... How nice it was to have a day a deux. Jeff and I had an uninterrupted day from noon til around 6m. It was lovely, no children noise, no worries about what we said or did.. Our life was ours for a short space of time and I loved it!!!

MONDAY Today is the day that both Jeff and I visited a new cardiologist. Dr Berton, a very nice man who had a good knowledge of English is not longer available. He has moved on or retired, I don't know. His replacement Dr Mahdjoud is a very nice man. He checked my BP, pulse and did an ECG. Everything is fine... I though it would be. Just a routine check bearing in mind my family health history. Anyway, poor dear Jeff, he now has to go and have a scan at the Centre d'imagerie Radio Isotopique at Niort. It is an all day event. Obviously putting something into his bloodstream and measuring and recording its progress. It is all to do with the 'plaquettes' of cholesterol stuck in his system... Yes he did pale and is concerned, at last. I do not want to see him go the same way as his Dad (nice bloke - I was very fond of him), Brother or dear friend David... His Granddad died in his 50's probably heart related as well.. He is at long last sitting up and taking notice..

Off to watch Masterchef now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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