Thursday, 5 February 2009

February continued..

5th Feb today, it rained last night, quite heavy but dry this morning, well no rain but the ground was rather wet.... Jeff and Ian collected my tumble dryer from repairman this morning - been without for nearly 3 weeks - very frustrating trying to get clothes dry indoors. I haven't got a washing line any more and haven't had for nearly 3 years now..... need to get a new one but where to put it? I don't know - suppose I will have to sort something out later on.

It is afternoon and I am listening to Georges in his playpen blowing rasberries - his favourite thing at the moment and he is so very good at it!! He is sitting well and getting onto his hands and knees so much easier. He has a brilliant appetite and eats everything he is given. He also like to chew paper and cardboard and if he could get it - the cats tail. I think he is a bit of a little vampire, you can be holding him on your lap, playing and talking with him when he will suddenly sink his teeth into your wrist!!! Ouch - he has teeth now- top and bottom! After he has had a bite of your wrist he will give a sweet smile and laugh......

Am off to Qi Gong tonight, missed last week as in UK. Ian went to GRETA yesterday to see about his free french lessons, Clementine my Qi Gong teacher will be his French teacher. At last Ian has got his paperwork sorted for ASSEDIC (social security payments) so should be getting some money whilst not working. He is still looking for suitable employment but there is not a lot about at the moment. It has got to be something he is able to do - there was a welding opportunity but that is something he has no experience of.

Got to sort out raspberry canes today, they are going into the new soft fruit garden. Hope it all works well, we intend to cage it all from the birds. With a bit of luck Jeff will downsize the veg plot rather than enlarge it. He has increased it too much and it makes for a lot of extra work.

We have our first Wwoofer of the year arriving next week, Tyler from the US. He (she) is in Paris at the moment. Also had an enquiry from a Dutch couple for March. Things are looking up, free help is such a good idea and we do so like the company and to hear of their homes, lives and experiences. All we have to do is house and feed them and they help out with the garden etc. Josh (NZ) and Anya (Germany) (they were newlyweds) last year were with us for weeks and were such a great help as Kathy was out of the equation with George and Ian working. We also had Catie (US), Yvonne (Swiss), Kenny and his wife Vivid (Taiwanese), Grant (US) Marianne (US). They were all lovely people who we got on with so well. The garden was weed free and Josh built us a wall and helped to take down a very tall wild cherry tree. All the Wwoofers were brilliant with Charlotte and all fell for Georges. It took a lot of work out of Jeffs hands and he was able to de-stress.

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