Sunday, 8 February 2009

I am having a day off today, it is Sunday. I woke feeling p'd off - knew it would not be a good day. Yesterday my right ankle decided it would go weak on me. It sort of 'collapses' in on itself but not completely. I suppose it is to do with the tendons which have been weakened over the years. My left elbow is also dodgy, I dislocated it a few years back and tore the tendons badly and also stripped of a little piece of bone which I think is moving about in the joint!! A lot I am sure is to do with the cold weather as well. I feel very fragile in all my joints. Had to get up though, had clients to do breakfasts for..... So much for Kathy doing the B&B thing....

Anyway I have retreated to our bedroom and am staying here out of the family's way. I don't want company I just 'vont to be alone' and not be bothered by noisy children and grandchildren. Have caught up with odds and sods that needed doing 'puter wise. Tidied up my email files and photo files as well. Might just start painting a picture this afternoon. Who can tell? Just don't want to do anything domestic at all.. Somebody else can cook, clear up and clean.

Thinking about my 1st paragraph tying in with the 2nd - when sorting through the emails I found one from Doris telling me about having a glass of white burgundy a day to help with arthritic pain. I think I will give it a go starting tomorrow after going out to buy some!!

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  1. bit unfair there mum I offered to do the breakfast!!