Friday, 27 February 2009

27 Feb

Been a strange week so far, Charlotte is on School holidays, the sun is shining and the days are getting warmer. Have done some odds and ends in the garden, bits indoors and started my soup diet...... I just want to lose a couple of pounds and get rid of the stodgy winter feeling that has been building up over the last 3 or 4 months. Been on it for 3 days now and I think (psychosomatic?) it is beginning to work. I am just feeling lighter in myself. Trouble is I have a wretched cough, courtesy of who I don't know, I seem to be the last one in the family to have got it.

Been reading the UK news, God Help Britain. I have never before read of such greed. Why on earth do these people at the 'top of the tree' think that they should benefit from excessive bonuses and pensions whilst robbing those that kept them in a job.... Old Pru' Brown is now 'shutting the stable door' but it is far too late - those horses have gone forever.

My first job on leaving school was a bank clerk in the National Provinical Bank. We knew all our customers (never clients then!). Banking was conducted in a manual and fair manner. People paid a small amount to keep their bank account - known as 'bank charges'. If they wrote a cheque that took them into the red then the cheque was returned - sometimes twice or three times.... I know because I was one of the people that wielded the red pen!!! Banking was civilised and our manager, deputy manager etc. all lived in nice little houses and nice little roads. Then the Nat. Prov. joined forces with the Westminster Bank.. became Natwest for those who don't know. I have been banking with the Natwest forever then next thing I know it is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland - I don't remember being consulted on that one. I know I am not a shareholder but they have my money (not a lot at the moment) and surely I should have had a say along with all the other customers... And now the Government is bailing out the RBS and their 'head honcho' has left and has been given a £650,000 annual pension and he is only 50 yrs old. DISGUSTING!!

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