Friday, 6 February 2009

Clarkson, Brown and Goody

Oh dear, I read today that Jeremy Clarkson said some 'unfair' things about Pru Brown. I didn't realise he had lost an eye when a young man (Brown that is). Anyway, Clarkson made his statement in Australia, we know how he can let his mouth go into motion without his brain being in gear and it upset a lot of Labour die-hards. The thing is - the man was speaking how he felt at the time of the interview. Then reading in the 'Mail Online' we see that a lot of people have the same opinion as Clarkson. I do not like Brown, I do not like what he has done to the UK, he is a Scot with a Scottish constituency, he was not elected to be PM, and he is bringing the country to bankruptcy. The upshot is, Clarkson has made an apology.....

There seems to be a lot of sanitising in the UK, people are not allowed to express their feelings about anything. Carol Thatcher has been rebuked and then sacked. Young Prince Harry was pilloried and then they brought up a comment made by his Dad years ago.

Maybe it is the Press that is wrong with the UK. They never print anything positive. They like to pick holes in people, give the worst case scenarios etc. All doom and gloom.

I feel for young Jade Goody, to be told that you have such an agressive cancer at her age must be devastating. Although reading her history she had dodgy cells removed at the age of 16. Too young, much too young. And then she apparently missed a smear test result. I hope that there are many other young women out there who live the 'life' who are taking note of what could be. So many young throw caution to the wind 'it won't happen to me' 'I'm OK'

Taling about cancer, a guy I have recently got to know, not well - he is a regular visitor to the B&B, he has just been diagnosed as having bladder cancer and also, it seems, his kidneys are affected as well. He is in his late 40's. What can one say? I don't know what the prognosis is, yet.

Today I have been de-junking our bedroom. I looked at it yesterday with fresh eyes and thought, 'Christ it is a mess'. I have made a positive start but there is still lots of odds and ends that need sorting. I am useless at putting things away, probably because some of my storage is being used for someone else.... The sunshine we are getting is helping me a lot, a definite improvement on the beginning of January. I was awake very early this morning and eventually decided to make a cup of tea around 6.40 - I took a look outside; Oh, the sky was magnificent! The stars were like diamonds sparkling on a dark blue velvet cloth. Absolutely stunning but so cold.... By 7.30 the sun had made an impression and dark clouds were coming from the south.

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