Tuesday, 3 February 2009


We are home from the UK. We left on the 28th for David's funeral on the 30th. Thought that we could get some shopping in whilst there. Stayed with Mum, boy is her bed uncomfortable, she did say that it needed a new mattress, how right she is!! Bless her for an (almost) 88 year old she is fantastic. Obviously there are some health problems but they are all under control. We shopped on Thursday got most of the dry stuff in, also went and bought some seeds that we cannot get out here. Gonna be fun trying some of the chillis that we bought!!

The funeral was conducted by a Humanist, it was a very beautiful service and no hymns were played or sung. Just Paul Simon, Under African Skies, Maria Callas and Madame Butterfly, Nina Simone and Feelin Good ending with Aretha Franklin Respect. David was a smashing bloke and we will miss him so much. Joan and their son Nick were fine. It was good to meet Kirsty after all this time (Nicks wife). The sun shone, but it was bitterly cold.

Saturday was again sunny and dry, took Mum shopping and then to the cemetary to put a plant there for Dad. It was my birthday, so sad for me. Mel came with children to see their g.grandma, then we shot of to Vicki's. Bless that girl, she baked me a cake - with candles.... After cake and and glass of vino we went to Mels for dinner. One day that child will be organised, all her plans went to pot - and she had two days to prepare!!!! 'nuff said. So we had chicken Fajitas instead of Lasagne (a la Maman) - hmmm not too bad.

Sunday morning James and Carol came to visit. Had the usual 'how are you? etc' 'how are the kids/grandkids, blah blah, my you are looking well' sort of chat. I am finding more difficult to talk to my brother and his wife - don't know why, maybe our priorities in life have become very different.

It started to snow in the afternoon, and it snowed and snowed and didn't stop. I was wondering if we would be able to get home on Monday. So we woke up Monday to a beautiful white blanketed garden what I remember so well from my childhood. I did not feel at all like making a snowman or snowballs - much too cold. Got all our stuff packed and into the car - we decided to leave early for Dover. Usually 50min to an hour. We left just after 9, shot into Tesco en route for some last minute things then off on M20 to Dover. We got to the port around 10.30 and took a chance on getting onto an earlier ferry. I had booked for 1.50pm and we were able to get on for the 11.10am ferry. Brilliant!!! get home sooner. The trip across was uneventful and the ferry was less than 20% occupied. At Calais the snow was not letting up. We had foul weather all the way to Rouen but the roads were very passable. The only 'lit' signs we saw were to be careful of the gritting/salting lorries. There was not hassle at all. After Rouen the weather improved and there was only a smattering of snow in the fields. By Le Mans there was not a sign of bad weather at all. We got home at 8.55pm - not bad going at all. IT WAS SO NICE TO BE HOME AGAIN!

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