Saturday, 21 February 2009


Been a quiet day, went down/up river, I think UP, had a look at some willows on Gilles bit of land, parfait..... Jeff and Ian took the boat up river and cut some branches, we will plant the other side of our potager fence and grow some nice osiers (maybe I will take up basket making!!) to grow a screen. A lot cheaper than M Lambert who charges for his!!!. They have cost us nowt.... We will also plant up some hazel in the flood meadow as well. Lots of nuts later we hope. Make the land work for us. bye bye sheep and hello sustainable crops... hurrah!!!

Neighbour (English) has planted some small shrubs (for a hedge) against the fence between us and the. The fence is on the literal border between us, there are laws out here that we know about and they have, (obviously) not read the communication from the mairie in January about boundaries and planting, so if we weed kill down the edge of our land and catch their hedge - tough shit!! I don't care and neither does Jeff, Ian or Kathy......They will learn and maybe get the hell out of our lives.................................

The weather today has been superb, the air outside is warming and the bulbs are poking there noses and showing their colour. I just hope that there is no frost to spoil it all.

Jeff and I had a 'domestic' this morning and he has been so very, very nice since.... sometimes men need a bit of a shake up. At least we were sober and understood each other. ~Remember, next row in morning not after a few glasses!!

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