Thursday, 12 February 2009

On Tuesday 10th we collected Tyler from Bressuire railway station.

He seems like a nice young man and strikes me as very young, and I mean very young. He is 21 years old from New York but originally from California. He has long hair, and sits, stands,walks etc with his shoulders hunched forward and his head shrunk into his body - almost as though he is trying to make himself smaller, hidden; he is like an English 13 yr old just hitting puberty. He does not have an outgoing demeanour. Whether he will Wwoof for us for long or not I don't know... He reminds me of a short version of Grant who was with us last year. Maybe it the young american male; around 21yrs old, college student, studying philosophy, creative writing, arts etc. of that ilk, that has that posturing, I don't know.... We will see how he shapes up!!!

Over the past couple of days the weather has been bright and sunny. We have got over the storm of the other night thank heavens, don't want a repeat of that in the near or far future...

I have been feeling a bit achy, my joints seem to be seized but still haven't acquired any white burgundy yet to try. Went to Qi Gong tonight with a 'sensitive' right ankle but with support it stood up to the session. I must admit I felt a bit better afterwards, more chilled and relaxed.

Saw Dr D today, both Jeff and I, blood tests and cardiologist visits for the pair of us. Jeff was given a lecture again about smoking..... he paled, again! He knows it is for his own good. I am also up for a free colon cancer test... Oh boy, they want samples of my poo over a 3 day period. At least it does not seem to bad a thing to do once it is explained how!! Yeuk.

The old apple tree has been taken down and I now have a clear view down the meadow from our bedroom window. The tree has never been productive and was beyond any pruning. Some nice apple wood for the fire though! Will be getting some willow cuttings from a local chap soon, just to put some interest into the meadow. I would love to see it planted up and put 'walks' through it instead of it being just a big field.

Finished knitting Charlottes 2nd scarf, 1st one got nicked at her school...... It happens, whether you like it or not, if it is not labelled it will be stolen....

Our Maran Cockerel, Bernard, has been 'courting' all of our hens, he has made himself 'known' to all the layers as well as his 3 brunettes, 2 blondes and the redhead in the meadow. He is quite a lusty bird and is taking care of every hen he can find. Peu Peu stays out of his way!!!

With a bit of luck we will have chicks of one sort or another in the next couple of months - watch this space!!!!

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