Saturday, 4 July 2009

Independance Day and Gay Pride in the UK

The titles mean nothing to me at all, for a start I do not celebrate Independance Day although the film was a good one.. And as for Gay Pride - why don't they just keep themselves to themselves. do you see Straight Pride marches or Heterosexual Day, no you don't - why can't the 'gays' be like ordinary folk and just be ordinary? Don't like their policies thrust in my face all the time and no I am not 'homophobic', just as I am not against black, white, yellow, red, male or female. If people are nice, open and pleasant then I am happy with them.. Colour or creed does not matter without a third (sexual) equation coming into it.

Anyway, it is 2 weeks since I put my thoughts online. It has been hot here, really hot, and it does not suit me at all - too much too soon. I ache with the heat, I do not sleep well and I know it's the humidity that does me in. There have been storms threatening but not materialising and the pressuire on my whole self is too much. I yearn for a good thunderstorm to relieve it all. My ankles hurt and I cant spend too much time on my feet.... grrrrr.

There have been a few little 'arguments' going on in this household. I think that himself is now realising that things need to change. I am retired and don't want to stagnate in this perfect part of the world. I do love it very much and have created with his help a haven for people to come and stay and to chill. I have so many come back to stay even just for one or two nights, they like it here and I like them. It is becoming too much, I get so tired.

Our last Wwoofers have been gone a week now. Two delightful girls from Australia but of Chinese origin. I miss them enormously. They were such fun, worked hard and were brilliant cooks. Now I have a couple of easy oriental recipes..... Will definitely keep in touch with them.

Getting some good business. All to the best when it comes to sell. Have even written up the 'blurb' and people I know reckon we should have no problem selling as it will sell as a going concern with nowt to do.. And of course there are those who want to do this sort of thing. It is definitely for younger people.

Ian is working well in the UK and getting good bonuses. With luck he a Kathy will be able to get their place finished. Kathy is talking about going back to the UK at the end of the year to work so that they can get it all done. What worries me is that Charlotte will not be able to cope with the education system in the UK. She is doing so well out here and I am sure she will find it difficult slotting into the UK education system. I know also that Kathy will miss being here as she has slotted in so very well. We will see how it all pans out.

Our dear little Georges is toddling, learning words at last. Hard to believe he is now 14 months old. Sometimes he looks just like his mum othertimes like his other grandpa and sometimes like my dear Dad. He is an endearing little chap but still has problems with teething. I suppose it is a male thing not finding pain acceptable (unless you are a weird sort of guy!). He has also discovered his little piece of flesh and when he is nappyless he is quite content. I absolutely adore little Georges and will miss him when he goes back to the UK.

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  1. What about the firemen who were disciplined for not taking part in a Gay Pride march! I think we have gone mad!