Saturday, 25 July 2009


Oh hoo flipping ra! My man now understands me, it has only taken 39 years 5 months and 10 days...

We have had a 'minor' discussion this evening regarding our dear daughter, her partner and the barn. Her partners father insists that before he advances any money to his son for improving the barn, that we produce a document that says that the property is theirs in full.... As you can imagine I have had serious doubts about this. Yes, the young persons have a document, officially notiarised, saying that the property is theirs... But, to date no money has changed hands. There is a private agreement, agreed by the notaire, that the amount, in full, will be paid within 5 years... Yes, we are all happy about this.... except for me..... I would like assurance from his father that he will cough up the dosh to help his son complete the project..... Oh eventually, today, I have got through to my dear husband that I would like this in writing..... Hooo flipping ra!!!!!!! He (my man) will have a chat with our daughter explaining this - she would not listen to me at all (grrrr). Is it any wonder that I have high blood pressure and all related things.

I have been listening to my gut over the last few weeks and feel that I am now getting the same problem I had before coming here.... Too much acid!!! which equals IBS!! I had so many tests before 2001 and after arriving here I was fine - it is all happenning again, bleuh!!!. Relaxation, Qi Gong breathing, and a lot of wine helps.

Apart from all this, I am fine... Saw a dear friend the other day, he does my website. He kicked his wife out of his life earlier this year... Bit of a fraught time for her and her daughter but he is now so happy and relaxed it is amazing. Wont give any details at all... but he has a new lady in his life and it has made a remarkable change.. Got me thinking though!!!

Anyway, have had a chat with my man and it looks as though, if I can sort the finances, we will be taking a trip in the new year.. Got to do my sums - but he has to do bits in the house that need desperately sorting. He is not exactly pro-active when it comes to DIY. I don't mind the decorating etc. but when it comes to the 'maintenance and building' bits then I am lost. I hate power tools, I learnt from my Dad how to use a saw and hand drill, but electric stuff throws me.
Now he understands and seems to be in agreement that we put our pile on the market beginning of next year.

I would love to have a smaller place with space for me to have a studio so that I can paint. It will happen in the near future I am sure. Thought I would display something I painted 20 years ago... (no title)

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