Monday, 6 July 2009

Monday - or is it Tuesday?

Woke up feeling good this morning. A good nights sleep as it was so much cooler overnight. Feel positive today!

J had some chores to do, one of which was taking a document to our insurers. I said it would need to be put in the postbox as today was Monday, J thought it was Tuesday and had to really think hard as to what day of the week it was. I suppose it could be to do with the pills he is on. He is sleeping so much better (and snoring well).

Had clients over the weekend, Friday and Saturday, have got all the bed linen washed and ironed and rooms done by 10.30. Feels good.

The LIFT (Ladies In France Together) group has opened a website - just 4 months after the group was thought of - not bad going - and it has also become an association (according to French law). There are around 100 members in the department alone and it is spreading. All nationalities are welcome - not just English.

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