Saturday, 11 July 2009

Saturday and hot

This weekend they will be celebrating the fete nationale in our local big town by the very ancient chateau. If the past couple of years are anything to go by it will be fantastic..... On Monday they will be celebrating in the nearest town with all sorts of things going on..... Will probably do that one as it is nearer.... Will write up in due course.

Saw a programme about David Hockney on TV the other night. Absolutely brilliant! What a man, and seeing him working on his paintings in his native Yorkshire was an absolute delight. Yes, he has inspired me and I even contacted him to let him know - and I received a very nice reply from one of his assistants. It would be nice if he came here and painted some of our countryside.

Back to 'Old Biddie' thing, treated my self to something new - what a thrill for me - a new vacuum cleaner!! It is quiet and so efficient, boring, boring... yes I know but it is better than a broom and we don't get that much 'muck' in the house. No dogs shedding hair and the cats spend most of the time outside anyway. It is mainly human dust that is drawn into the bag, along with the odd crumb and dead insect. Next 'treat' for me will be a new washing machine!!! Ho hum..

The house is definitely cleaner anyway with just himself and me in it. Clients are easy to clean up afterwards and we are not getting many of those at the moment. Just the odd flurry every other weekend. More like it for me, less work....

Am working on a picture at the moment, don't know how it is going to come out, sure it will be OK. Need to buy some canvases - they are not madly expensive out here. Would be nice to try watercolours again. Find a that medium a bit difficult. Much prefer oils and acrylics. Kathy has seen some of my doodles and reckons that I should frame them and sell them. They are cartoonish I suppose. Trouble is I can't doodle to order, it is a 'switched-off daydreamy' thing that I do.

Had a dreaded mammogram test 3 weeks ago. Had a long wait for the result and was told that I needed further investigation..... pause, think, lose sleep etc.... went along to the radiographers as instructed and saw nice Dr B. who ultrasounded my boobs and proclaimed - no problems - just opaque cysts - nothing sinister - come back in two years time..... relief washed over me and my man.....


  1. Good news re least you have the gumption to go and get it done.

  2. It is something I have hated for a very long time... 1st had it done in the UK around 18 yrs ago.....